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    Hello World!

    I have noticed that this is probably the place to go to for advice from fellow football game geeks. I have played several football games up through the years, and this genre is one of the few that can get me hooked.

    Despite having looked around, I have yet to find a game that meets some particular needs of mine. The last five years or so, I haven't tried much new, and that's where you come in, my new friends

    My favourite football games remain SWOS, and FIFA 2000 - much for the relative ease of editing them. You see, as a kid I made my own teams and two leagues, and I played "fantasy football" with them, using SWOS. After some years I converted it all to FIFA 2000. I let the computer simulate the matches, and me and my two brothers would be the managers (and supporters).

    What I have always been on a lookout for, though, is a game that would let me take these leagues, putting them in relation with each other, NOT mixing it with real-world leagues and players, and allowing me to play a career as manager for one (or more) of the teams. This has proved to be particularly difficult!
    I really enjoy putting details to my little football world, such as jerseys, how players look, and so on, as I want to be able to watch the match. I would be happy with a play mode such as the career mode in SWOS, or more full-fledged manager games.

    Are there any explorers out there who could show me in the right direction? I don't have any problems with (good) 3rd part editors, if that's what it takes to reach my *vision*, and I've noticed there are a lot of German games I haven't tried.
    Can you save my life?

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    Just to add something: if there is another community where there's a better chance of people knowing what I could try, I would much appreciate that tip too.
    It only seemed to me this was the place with the experts.