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  • Volleyball Manager 2008

    Hello all!

    I'm the author of Volleyball Manager 2008 - a freeware computer game, made with great support of Polish volleyball fans.

    Our game is still under development, but it already contains a very huge database with over 8000 male players, 500 clubs and 100 national teams.
    It includes all major competitions like Olympic Games, World Championships, World League, European club competitions, league competitions and cups etc.
    If you have ever played SI Games' Football Manager, you will get the idea of our project. Recently we have released an English language beta-version.

    Official VM 2008 project page:

    Direct link to game download:

    To run it you have to have Microsoft .NET installed.

    Some screenshots from Polish version:

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    I have a question about this game.

    Does it multiplayer capabilities?

    Could it be used for an online league?


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      Our game has only single player mode and its current version doesn't support multiplayer/online solutions. But it's still under development, currently we've got our internal beta-edition, which allows playing matches user vs user on one machine.


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        Are those actual squads?
        Oh, and do I REALLY have to register on that site to download the game?
        Muie Piturca!


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          As mentioned above, you have a direct link to game download, without any need to register:

          Team squads are updated every year by our scouts.
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            Well, it says "file not found". I'm very interested in this, so, please re-upload it.
            Muie Piturca!


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              Hello, I'll try once again. The link from the first post works, only the previous one was wrong.


              You should have a window with option to download and save the file.


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                It says:
                Error 403


                It is not allwoed to view the requested file / site. This can have various reasons:

                you are trying to get files from external websites, this includes archives, images or executables
                the file you have requested does not have the correct permission to be shown
                the folder containing the requested file does not have enough permissions
                the Authentication failed / needed
                Muie Piturca!


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                  Damn it!

                  OK, I'll provide you indirect links to download sites:

                  Hope this will help.


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                    Okay! It works now! Thanks!
                    Muie Piturca!


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                      Volleyball Manager 2010 released!

                      Dear all,

                      We are glad to present you the latest version of Volleyball Manager, VM 2010.
                      The game contains all features from VM 2009 and additionally:
                      - new designed 2D match engine
                      - new kind of displaying player statistics in match window
                      - hidden player skills (depending on manager's knowledge about players and game difficulty level)
                      - hidden parameters describing player's potential
                      - introduced players scouting system
                      - autosave option
                      - own club creation
                      - major changes in graphics
                      - option of graphical interface selection (configurable game skins)
                      - corrected and improved game translations
                      - game speed optimization
                      - final database update for season 2009/10, currently available 12,200 real players

                      Some videos showing our latest release:

                      Today we published a new database on season 2010/2011

                      This is the link to download:

                      We wait for your suggestions -let us know about bugs and mistakes in players' profiles etc.

                      Have a good fun with our modest game

                      Link to download:
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                        Will it have VM 2012? For now it`s only have a datebase for VM 2010 for season 10/11

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