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  • Physios' influence

    If I have around 3 physios with physiotherapy 20 will that make my older players keep their good stats for more time? Cause with the default physios on my staff players older than 30 started getting pretty crap (even 30-31yos). So will it affect that in any way?

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    I don't think physio's have got anything to do with it, it's just age and with age players become slower and more injury prone. That's just the way it is.

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      Yeah but can they at least make it happen later or in reduced masses? Their role in FM seems so small...


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        What is their role?


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          To keep your players from getting injured too much.


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            First thing I do with my club is fire the worst physios, and buy people like Lasmar, Spain has a bajillion 20 physios, and with them, what should've been 5 months injury, is reduced to 3 weeks. Physios rule if you push your players to the max.


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              So many physios = less/shorter injuries?


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                  This has confused me for years, thought id finally do a comprehensive search on the SICommunity forums. Turns out, not many people really know

                  For me, im sure back in't day in 0102, i once heard someone say that it was the LENGTH of the injuries that was effected, not the amount of injuries. BUT i may well be extremley wrong.

                  However, the only thing i did find (from a respected member) was from Ackter, who is part of the testing team:

                  physios effect a player's recovery time.

                  better coaches and less intensive training regimes should reduce injuries.
                  who knows if he's right...

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                    only thing i have proven with my own playing experience is that the better the physios the shorter the injuries

                    (btw didn't we have a thread like this not too long ago?)

                    my example is that when I had the best physios one of my players recovered from a broken leg in 2/3 months, sometimes that takes around 5/6 months with other cases