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Question for anyone who's used Shay Given before!

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  • Question for anyone who's used Shay Given before!

    Hey folks, thanks for checking this out!

    Ok, I'm Newcastle right now and got Shay Given back their between the pipes.

    Is it just me, or does he give up a lot of rebounds? I would say he doesn't hang on to the ball and gives up the rebound more then 50% of the time.

    It hasn't really cost me a goal other then once or twice but even shots from far out that are right at him he will give up a big juicy rebound infront of the goal. What the hell? He's going to give me a hart attack sooner or latter.

    Anyone else notice this or have this problem with Shay? Of all the goalies I've played with (and as far down as the Portuguese 2nd division) he's the one that makes me nervous the most.

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    Really? Barthez has always made me sweat, he once tried to dribble until the halfway-line in my game, only to try a stupid longshot, have a defender get the ball and lob it over everyone to have a striker run and put it in, nice goal, if only I had scored it.

    Anyways, I only played half a seaosn with Shay, I sold him as soon as I realised he sucked. I didn't have the rebound problem, more so the dimwit problem. He would dive right when the ball goes left, he would rush the opponent when they're outside the box and there are 3 defenders left, he would stay rooted when shot after shot simply seems to hit him in the head (he would seriously NOT move, at ALL, for half a game! Lucky the opponents were a 3rd division spanish team I wanted to test my youngsters on.). Only thing good I can say for him is that during the period I played him he saved 7 out of 7 penalties, only to lose because he would charge an opponent who didn't have the ball. Is he this stupid in life?

    He also got me a surprisingly healthy sum of 13 mil, which I used to buy Morgan de Sanctis, clean sheet for 12 consecutive games.... meh.

    So, I'd sell him whilst you had the chance, buy Rogerio Ceni, or Gomes, or De Sanctis, they don't cost much, and they rule.


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      given is one of the best goalkeepers in the world in real life.


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        Originally posted by Seán Denny
        given is one of the best goalkeepers in the world in real life.
        Irish bias there

        gotta agree though, he is a world class keeper on his day.


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          He just looks bad in real life cause of the ****ty Newcastle that has Bramble, Moore and Taylor in it.

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