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  • predicament

    long time no see...
    i finally got fm2006 early in the summer and have been quite addicted since, which is gonna be a problem since ive just started my a-level year.
    but anyway i took on the tottenham job and with a combo of selling alot of my squad and getting some real bargains i managed to build up a very strong 1st team and somehow won the league. anyway ive got abit more transfer funds now and after an enquiery ive recieved a bid of 60mil for Defoe from Chelsea, which even though he was my top goalscorer and assister last year (plus my only FC with alot of pace) so im seriously contemplating accepting that bid.
    I was just wondering who people thought would be a good replacement, so far im thinking Fred (can get for 21mil) or Robinho (can get for 31mil) any thoughts? Im also in the market for a left or right winger and a right back, i was thinking either Cristiano Ronaldo (transfer listed and available for 29million) or Ben Arfa (Lyon wanting about 20million for him) and then Iraola is my #1 target for right back but wont go for under 20 million, so i might not bother and play Vanden-Borre there and try and get a decent CB. Anyway sorry for going on, let me know your thoughts n stuff....

    my team:-

    GK:- robinson

    DF's:- stalteri/vdb vanden borre/ben haim king/dawson grosso/lee

    DM's:- Zokora/Carrick(runs to CM) Sivok/sahin

    RM:- Esposito/Routledge (runs to AMR)
    AM:- Messi(runs to AML)

    CF's:- Zigic/Tevez Defoe

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    I would advise against selling Defoe. He's probably one of the best strikers in the game.
    But if you do sell him, I'd go for Fred as a replacement, he's a real beast too. Don't think you really need a MR, as Routledge is pretty good there. Might want a backup for him though. Have a look at Hossain Kaebi for DR aswell. He's Iranian and a real big talent(in FM anyway).

    Good luck.

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      yeah routledge is good, but i need someone as ive got no left wingers (had richardson on loan last season) and i need at least one as depending on the opposing team i move the AMC to ML and messi cant play on the left wing for me. Esposito can play on either side so i need someone for whichever wing im not playing him on
      i'll have a look at kaebi, he was my best player on pro evolution soccer 4.
      i'm still contemplating the sale of defoe...
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        Buy Fred, don't buy Robinho, altough his stats are great he is terrible in my Real squad, so I sold him. CRonaldo for 29M is a good deal, he is one of the best wingers in the game, I would do it. (Why is he transfer listed tho ? )


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          it said he was "upset with recent teamtalks given by manager" which i found pretty funny, and now hes transfer listed by request.


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            Well he owns in my Everton game. But than again the whole of Real Madrid owns in that game as they've won the title 5 years in a row(just like me BTW ).

            But Fred is more the deadly striker than Robinho who's more a playmaker than a real finisher.

            "Mijn hart is rood zwart rood met drie witte kruisjes in het midden"


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              to be honest, im not sure Robinho will come to you anyway, he might be transfer listed by request, but he might also be quite picky.

              Fred i prefer over Robinho, FM tends to like out-and-out strikers rather than Second Strikers such as Robinho, Rooney or people like that. Don't ask me why, those kind of SCs dont quite work aswell on FM as they do in real life.

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