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Board expectations change during season?

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  • Board expectations change during season?

    For the sake of the challenge (and because it's more exciting to manage crappy teams and take them to new heights), I'm managing a not so good Polish Second Division team (Górnik Polkowice) with board expectations stating that I should avoid relegation.
    So I develop a really good 4-4-2 tactic, perform pretty well throughout the season and end up being 4th (1 spot away from promotion).
    When the season was over, I check the board confidence and they are delighted with my management. However, they are disappointed with the league position that the club has achieved this season.
    What's more weird is that about 5 matches before the end of the season, the media started stating that Polkowice were expected to finish in the top half of the table. What the hell?
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