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    I trained Carrick once to learn DM and it got until Accomplished, but then it went back to incompetent after he stopped.


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      Well maybe FM doesn't want us to teach a player more than one(maybe two) position(s) in his career.

      Now that I think about it's actually quite logical I mean otherwise you'd get a player capable of playing everywhere if you hold on long enough and that would be unrealistic.

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        unrealistic... yet still possible. Fabien Barthez started his career as a Left-Back. Rio Ferdinand as a Striker. Peter Schmeichel as a striker... etc. etc. It IS possible for players to convert.

        Look at O'Shea, a few seasons ago he was just a CB for United, now he's an RB, LB and DM aswell. Same goes for Phil Neville.


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          Not to mention that China man from City, Sun Jihai's his name I think, he can play everywhere.


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            I think it helps if the player is played in one position on a regular basis.

            Its ok training them loads of new positions... but how often are u going to use them in ALL the positions their trained in?

            Ok if u got a RAM and trained him to LAM thats understandable cos during a match u can switch flanks... but ur going to play ur players in their best positions.


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              Anyone else had that Norwegian guy ( **** forgot his name ) who started out being able to play every position except CB and GK? Now that guy was ace. He was in some patch I installed.
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                Luis Enrique could play every position in CM9798.

                Back in the day, when you were either a position, or you werent (no grey area). D/M/F RLC.

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