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  • You know, looking at that, i think i did prefer the older skin.

    Into my heart an air that kills
    From yon far country blows:
    What are those blue remembered hills,
    What spires, what farms are those?

    That is the land of lost content,
    I see it shining plain,
    The happy highways where I went
    And cannot come again.


    • I don't at all. The skin from FM 2005/FM 2006 really s*cks. Recently I played FM 2006 on my laptop from the stone-age and I just couldn't play it because the skin really burned my eyes away. The flexion skin from FM 2007 is already alot better and I actually like the FM 2008 one even more.

      "Mijn hart is rood zwart rood met drie witte kruisjes in het midden"


      • Max


        • Originally posted by Azrael View Post

          Recently got back into this game, and in my seocnd season with Chelsea, got my biggest win ever. I know, I'm Chelsea, big spender, vs. Middlesbrough who had to sell their best players due to financial problems following their relegation, but still, it's my best result yet.
          Unbelievable, I actually considered playing with no strikers because it was getting ridiculous. ManCity had an odd year though. Cahs injection followed by some amazing transfers (Van der Vaart, Toni) they then go into administration, docked 9 points, drop from the title race (which they were in), lose several matches in a row, Pearce sacked, Schuster brought in, currently 8th, not bad. Still, this is ridiculous:

          Newcastle also had a string of bad results, capped off wonderfully with this result. Manager sacked, caretaker promoted, some good transfers, are now battling it out with Portsmouth for 5th place, right behind ManU at 4th. Once again, ridiculous:

          Anyone who can beat my ManCity result will get jewgold.


          • Sweet man.. I play FM06 too, its my favorite FM/CM currently (used to play alot of CM01/02 but now its outdated).

            Must admit I like it because it's easier and the tactics make more sense. Plus it runs much faster and you get through a season quicker. The feature I miss the most is feeder clubs tho.

            Azrael upload your tactic. I'm not trying to be an ass but I don't believe you can score that many without cheating (I'm assuming controlling the other team and pulling their goalie). I tried that once in an international and got the same score line.
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            • I will as soon as I can, PC is not working. I use 3 DF's, 1 DMC, 1 MC arrow pointing to AMC, AMC arrow pointing to ST, AML + AMR with arrow up, and two ST's. No cheating.

              I wanted to leave it out, because it'd seem much more impressive if ManCity were playing to full potential, but they did lose all of their GK's to injuries and transfers, grey ****ty GK was on the field. Still impressive, IMO.

              I did what you're talking about once. World Cup Semi Final, Israel Brazil, took over Brazil, messed up their squad, won 20-0 or something like that.

              People never seem to believe my FM06 screens. Same happened with that Israeli regen I found once. Best player I ever had.


              • Is it a super tactic because I like super tactics?

                p.s. make your pc work faster


                • Originally posted by Horatiu View Post
                  p.s. make your pc work faster
                  find a tactic of your own



                  • I do have one that is really good but I want to try this magical 30+ goal tactic.


                    • Playing as Athletic.... this was a very satisfying result.


                      • Sorry it took me long, Horatiu, anyway, here (I included the attacking corner thing because over the past 2 seasons, I've had more than 30 goals through corners, so, thought it would be useful):

                        If you're gonna use this tactic, I'll give you some info: I always use that tactic, week in week out, had 1 red card in 2 season, and a record low of yellows, as well as record of few goals, so the 3 defenders thing isn't really a setback, especially with Essien dominating the midfield, although, most of my conceded goals do come through their wingers moving forward and then passing/crossing it in and then goal, 2nd highest goal-causing mistake seems to be simple throughballs, so watch out for that. Oh, I also use 4 playmakers in this order: 1. Robben, 2. Ronaldo, 3. Cole, 4. Lampard. During matches, I tend to take out Cole (or the wingers and put Cole in their place) and put in one of the strikers, move Drogba/Huntelaar to the middle of the striker area, and put them there, so there's 3 strikers, it assures at least another goal, but also leaves you with less posession.

                        Hope that's helpful.

                        Oh, the individual player instructions are (excluding DF's):
                        Tackling = Hard if Tackling is 15+
                        Forward Runs = Often for everyone
                        Run with Ball = Often for everyone with 15+ Dribbling
                        Long Shots = Often for everyone with 15+ Longshots
                        Through Balls = Often for everyone with 15+ Passing
                        Crosses = Often for everyone with 15+ Crossing

                        For DF's:

                        Tackling = See above
                        Forward Runs = Rarely
                        Run w/Ball = Rarely
                        Longshots = Mixed (although thinking about changing it to Rarely, since none of them have 10+ longshot)
                        Throughballs = Mixed
                        Crosses = Mixed


                        • When the keeper got sent off a nanosecond after the game started, I was like, ****! I had only just promoted the U21 keeper to the squad, and put him on the bench just because the pundits thought he'd be crap, certain I wouldn't even use him. Didn't do too badly, the goals weren't his fault, might use him next match too, since this clinched the qualification for us. Unbelievable, England go all out in the last minutes after my equaliser, and the game wouldn't let me make tactical changes to keep them at bay, counter attack from a throwin, the striker I put in to compliment Biton so I'd have a presence upfield (who scored the equaliser) takes the ball and runs to the area, cross, goal. England looks set to miss out on qualifying after this match. Couldn't be happier. First time I ever felt like I made good decision tactically during the match.


                          • Ex-manager of Malaga vs. Ex-manager of Arsenal

                            Clear winner.

                            (Rijkaard is also a coach at Juventus, McClaren is England assistant manager to Allerdyce, etc, while coaches I sacked are in the running to manage Roma...)


                            • You couldn't have just uploaded it somewhere ..

                              lol thanks for remembering this thread, I'll try it out


                              • Er... whatever, I like rambling.


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