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  • Football Manager 2014

    Now it's time to think about FM 2014 and its future exciting features we would like to see:

    - Penalties and red cards by goalies
    - Enhanced youth management
    - Better 3D pitch. Match engine fixes for strange ball heading, poor long shots withoug goals, sliding goalies, etc.
    - Easy selection of clear cut chances for uploading
    - Revamping conferences
    - Spending money earned by you as manager
    - More diversity in player talks
    - Ability to disable generated players
    - Facebook integration

    You may also read and participate in a hot debates of new possible Football Manager 2014 features here: Football Manager 2014
    True Football Manager #1

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    Football Manager/FIFA Calculator

    Hi everyone,

    Was wondering if some kind of formula has ever been made to convert player stats from Football Manager into FIFA games? Obviously there are quite a few stats that are not available for both games but in theory it could work?!

    Reason I want this is I think it would be great to convert some of the made up players in my later stage of my Football Manager game and make my team in FIFA.

    Let me know if anyone has any ideas!



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      You should search in a PES forum like evo-web or PES world or whatever, they have more info.

      You can make your own formulas for this in Excel, if you are comfortable with the program. But in that case, everything needs to be entered and done manually.