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    Went back to FM 2011 again using Chelsea FC. I wanted to manage a different team but I don't know which team to manage so I just went with Chelsea but I would love it if you guys can suggest a team to manage

    Anyways here's my team

    We've played 4 games already good results but I accumulate too much bookings

    I had one game the one with bolton were my team got 2 reds and 3 yellows

    Oh also Drogba's on fire.

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      If you're playing FM11 you should try Genk. You'll have Courtois, De Bruyne and Jelle Vossen from the start. Could be a fun game if you like managing in a smaller league.

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        Oh that's a good idea imma do that tonight.


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          I'm not very familiar with the team. Who should I start? Oh I'm using the same tactic with my Chelsea team.

          Oh look we had a win against liverpool on a friendly.

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            Good first win I just hope we can go all the way and qualify for the group stages.


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              We're doing great at Europa.

              First we had a draw with Braga then a surprising win against Napoli. I couldn't believe my eyes.

              Ok now this is the frustrating part. We keep getting draws and we're now 11th in the league.

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                  Here comes the sack...

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                    Hisashi is nothing without C.Ronaldo.


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                      Well that one win turned everything around for us. But I really thought I was about to get sack even the press started asking about my awful performance as manager.

                      We also made it to the knockout rounds after finishing second in group b.

                      Also do you think its possible for me in 3 years to buy Cristiano Ronaldo using Genk?


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                        So I bought Lamela and probably bankrupting my team.

                        So what I did was first I sold Vanden Borre for $2.5m now with him gone I had more wage budget so I forced all that wage budget into trasnfer budget and right now were like $15.000 above our wage budget so now with all of that plus prize moneys from europa I manage to cough up $3.5m and then the clauses which made them accept my offer which I'm also sure will be the reason my team gets bankrupt.


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                          First leg is done and this wasn't the result that I was looking for. A draw was probably better but my players got complacent and messed up so stupid of them. We could've won 2-0


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                            I'm trying to imagine Genk seriously trying to sign Ronaldo.
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                              Do you have De Bruyne? I don't see him in your sceenshots, but he should be on your roster. I forgot whether he was a big prospect on FM11. Lamela-De Bruyne-Vossen is a pretty sweet attack, man.

                              I'm trying to think of other Belgian prospects that broke through IRL but should still be playing in Belgium on your game. Lukaku, Benteke, Witsel in the Belgian league, Alderweireld and Vertonghen Ajax, Mertens at Utrecht?
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                                Yup I have De Bruyne. I'm gonna go try that trio you mention. Also I found those players you mentioned haha too bad cause I don't even have money to spend.

                                I prefer playing Barda cause he really has been playing well. Also I saw the u-21 and u-18 team of Genk and they really have alot of prospects.

                                I just realized that I have been playing Lamela wrong.