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    Something strange happened in my game. There's this small club in Argentina named Sportivo Belgrano, Belgrano's little brother. They are playing in the Second Division. All of a sudden I got about 20 news messages about signings they are making... All Colombians, even though there's a limit of 4 foreigners.

    There are more Colombians in their Reserves, plus there are about 10 more pending transfers of Colombians that are out of contract that will join them in June. What could be the deal here? Very odd.

    Anyway, Estigarribia made it into the South American team of the year. Thought that was nice.

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      Can't get into FM14 at all, so I decided to pick this one up again. After three seasons at Huracan I assembled a pretty great young team with potentially world elite talents, so why not? It's the closest I am to finally winning my first ever Copa Libertadores.

      After three seasons I won the 2013 Apertura title and the 13-14 Copa Argentina. My team couldn't do anything yet on the continental stage, crashing out in the '13 Copa Sudamericana and '14 Libertadores group stage. The average age of my team is around 20, it isn't very strange. I'm looking to add some real Argentinian assholes to my 2014-2015 roster to finally have some success in the Copa Sudamericana. I need to look into how qualification works again… I guess I'm not in the Copa Libertadores this season, despite finishing 1st in the Apertura and 2nd in the Clausura last season.

      The first post features my progress with Huracan up until 2014-2015.
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        Are they called the Balloon Boys because they like to smuggle cocaine in their ass?

        And I'll be sharing my Argentinian exploits soon! The player quality is quite good.


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          The story of the Balloon Boys is in the first post, man.

          Yeah, I already have some European top sides interested in some of my players. The regens are extremely good which makes the game interesting especially down the line.

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            I was just trying to be funny.

            When I tried to sell some of my back-ups I noticed they were valued around 2 mil, which is quite nice. Hopefully someone buys them now.


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              I think it would be funny to take over one of the South American clubs named after a person as the person they named the club after. Guillermo Brown, Juan Aurich, Jorge Wilstermann, César Vallejo, you name 'em. That's going to be my FM14 game and thread. After winning the Copa Libertadores with Huracan, of course.

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                I always thought Huracan was a cool name.
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                  Boca is by far the strongest team in Argentina and their unbeaten status and goal record in this year's Apertura made it clear. Their payroll is about four times or more bigger than the second largest payroll, somewhere along Huracan's category. They also won the 2014 Copa Libertadores vs. São Paulo. I did finally have my first good run in a continental cup; I made it to the semi's of the 2014 Copa Sudamericana. I also qualified for the 2015 Copa Libertadores (group stage entry) so hopefully my Sudamericana run was a good sign of things to come.

                  2014 Apertura Standings:

                  Copa Sudamericana:

                  Jorge Canelo, future world star and my best player already, had a great Apertura. He scored 12 goals in the league and 5 goals in the Copa Sudamericana. He's only 19 years old, but already scored close to 50 goals for Huracan.

                  His striking partner Felipe Mora was hugely disappointing. Wasted a ton of chances and scored only about 10 matches into the Apertura. Hoping to see a significant improvement from him in the Clausura, or I might give one of my other striker prospects a serious shot. Franco Londoño, my Argentinian-Colombian bull which I signed from Boca's youth academy is raring to take his place.

                  José Carreras, my favorite player if only for the idea of him at his fulfilled potential, missed the Apertura through injury. I can see him being the star and leader of my first Libertadores triumph.

                  He's a bit injury prone, but I already signed two bodyguards to protect him from South America's bullies from Brazil: Augusto and João (I posted their profiles on the previous page).

                  This team + 5 years of development will be ridiculous.
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