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    Career Overview
    FM07 2006-2009: Columbus Crew - Colombus, Ohio
    FM08 2007-2040: Juventus F.C. - Torino, Italy
    FM10 2009-2023: F.C. Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain
    FM11 2010-2025: Dukla Praha - Prague, Czech Republic
    FM11 2010-2011: Millonarios - Bogotá, Colombia
    FM11 2010-2011: F.C. Holguín - Holguín, Cuba
    FM11 2011-2012: Xolos Tijuana - Tijuana, Mexico
    FM11 2013-2014: Luch-Energiya Vladivostok - Vladivostok, Russia
    FM12 2011-2016: C.A. Huracán - Buenos Aires, Argentina
    FM13 2012-2025: Granada C.F. - Granada, Spain
    FM13 2012-2014: F.C. København - Copenhagen, Denmark
    FM13 2012-2023: VfB Lübeck - Lübeck, Germany
    FM14 2013-2018: F.C. Schalke 04 - Gelsenkirchen, Germany
    FM15 2014-2016: Paris Saint-Germain - Paris, France
    FM16 2015-2022: Juventus F.C. - Torino, Italy
    FM17 2016- now: Athletic Club - Bilbao, Spain
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    Haha, looks good man. What leagues have you loaded to start with?


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      In Europe I have selected: Belarus, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine (most have second and third divisions)

      And some extra exotic flavors with Argentina, Brazil and the MLS.

      Now I'd probably want to make name in Scandinavia and go from there. It's fun, I've never really managed in Scandinavia. I won't consider Argentina, Brazil or the MLS in the near future. I want to keep my career path somewhat realistic.
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        You want to go around the world and be realistic? You better visit Australia and Asia at some stage!! Good thread


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          May consider that down the line. I definitely didn't want to start my career in Asia.

          Managing Skarp in the icy winds of one of the most northernmost points of Europe is... well, chilly. My signings aren't really worth posting; let's just say they have about 11's/12's in some of the areas their position requires.

          The trusted tactic:

          And my star player:

          IF Skarp is expected to finish 12th this season out of 14 teams. Each team plays each other twice (26 games), so that's not so bad. Because I'm human I'll still play most games on 'Only Commentary' while hopefully still posting good results and making some progress in my career. Not a whole lot is expected...

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            Hot Japanese girls sounds like my cup of tea. J-League is also a good top flight when you're not quite ready for the top of Europe


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              Oh man, what I was thinking... A weak Norwegian Third Division part-time side (even some amateurs)... This isn't going anywhere.

              I applied for the job at Torpedo Moscow after 5 months at Skarp (I only have a one year contract) and the board and now the fans want my head. Torpedo Moscow laughed me away. This is getting awkward.

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                Yeah, it's rare to last long in one club at the start since they tend to have ****ty everything. Just do your best to improve your rep and try to apply for realistic positions. Maybe load different leagues if you're stagnating.


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                  Ya, it's hell getting through these seasons though. I can't spend hours of my days playing these games, it's no fun at all.

                  I think I will put the game on holiday until the final two months of the season, and go from there. May select other leagues like you said. Skarp is hardly a top 10 side (and the B teams of Norway's bigger teams in this Division tend to play with some of their stars for some reason), so not much will be lost. I definitely won't extend my contract as there's zero potential.

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                    Holidays!? Pft, that's cheating :P

                    You got to just look at attributes as out of ten, instead of twenty. The other clubs would be just as bad??


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                      And so I left Tromso. Who knows, some day a little bastard with a likeliness to me will lift Skarp to great heights. It sure as hell won't be me. And It's too damn cold.

                      I was thinking of departing to Madeira to take over Maritimo (in a new game). I want to add a Sugar Daddy and ensemble a crazy, eclectic bunch of players. Perhaps play a Gung-Ho style of football, just for the fun of it. My aim is to become the most exciting, fun side in Europe. Maritimo Funchal looks like a fun club to do such a thing at. Exotic jerseys, exotic stadium...

                      Not to mention...

                      I think I found my new game.
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                        Hahahaha holy ****!


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                          That's an interesting game. Surprised I never tried to build an entertaining side. I guess its hard to judge what's entertaining on FM.

                          I hope you do a lot of PPM training to get your high flair guys to attempt bicycle kicks.

                          Thomas Muller: "We're not careless or arrogant. We're dominant'


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                            In that case you should definitely get this guy.

                            "Mijn hart is rood zwart rood met drie witte kruisjes in het midden"


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                              Haha, definitely.

                              Judging what's entertaining on FM is a good point, Nim. The 3D match engine isn't very spectacular, especially for spectacular individual skill (there are exceptions: great passes, goals, team play, etc.), so that will be interesting. I'm looking for some drama off the field aswell.

                              The frustrating part is that I have players in mind I used to have on other games. I had this left winger from Mozambique at Dukla, Henrique Junior, who was a total hoot. Didn't play a very meaningful role because I wanted to win sh*t and he had Walter Cortez in front of him, but he would be star for my Maritimo Funchal. Very eccentric, flair, bad discipline, etc. Eventually he became a star at Sporting Portugal.

                              I also downloaded the leagues from American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. Hopefully a few gems will come from these countries for Maritimo Funchal. We'll keep a close eye on these players, especially from the beaches of Fiji.

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