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    My marquee striker signing Paloschi (Italian 21 yr old) has been a big fail so far. He's played 9 with 0 goals. His coach report states he's professional and ambitious so I'm surprised he's done so poorly.

    I'll still give him plenty of chances because I want to keep him for many years, he's Italian and has nice potential.

    He had a penalty chance too which he missed.


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      10 for Decisions.


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        Decisions isn't important for a poacher, which is clearly what he is. You need to play slightly counter attacking, and have a steady stream of balls into the box. His only role should be scoring. And that said, sometimes guys just go cold for awhile, it happens. Better acceleration and the PPM of beating the offside trap can't hurt either.

        Thomas Muller: "We're not careless or arrogant. We're dominant'


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          Decisions is important for everyone, in my book, it's the single most important attribute.


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            I find that attribute important too but more for GK/Defenders/midfielders. He's been getting a fair amount of counter attack through ball chances but he does seem very cold . He's now injured for 5 weeks which gives him a forced break from the first-team. To be honest I shouldn't be playing him because of his poor performance and I keep moving Malonga to a winger position to fit him in. Malonga's has done good in the striker role, been average as a winger.

            It's been really funny, I see Paloschi getting a very nice opportunity, lets say he's one on one with the keeper and I know it will be a fail. And it's been so far. I don't care though because I'm 9th in the table and I just need to not relegate, I want this game to not have a lot of expectation and just slowly build a strong team under the radar. Next year I'm thinking of buying a lot of players with high potential and just developing them (and getting losses due to this). I have solid players in all positions but wings and no good back-ups so far. My plan is to have high potential players in the first XI and low-wage back-ups. If someone comes in with a bid for my players I'll look to sell them and get a cheaper replacement.


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              I posted earlier that I wanted to play with mostly the original team for the first season and not buy a lot but I couldn't pass up on these players. I wanted to strengthen the team.

              This guy has been my biggest bargain of fm12 so far, he only cost 60k from a Quatar club and is on a low wage. Shame about the injury. He's not an injury prone player so he should be okay in the future. I'm retraining him to be my defensive CM since he's got good defensive, technical, mental and physical attributes!

              Also I'd like to state that in this save game I'm using Genie Scout and a downloaded tactic and I am morally okay with doing this.

              Now onto the other transfers...

              This motherf*cker is a bargain if he's available for your team and your team's skill level. Napoli don't need him and he's on sale for 900k (all my figures are ). Normally I do believe you'd have to pay a few million for a player like this (maybe even 5). I got him on loan first season for 50% of his wage and I already secured for his signing for next season (900K). This is an ultimate cheap-o move because I didn't sign him in order to save the 50% yearly wage. He has a cool name too.

              I was originally not planning to buy another CB but Swansea came in with a 2.9m bid for my first team Swiss CB (Von Bergen) so I took a look and brought in a good Argentinian replacement (Caruzzo) who I appointed captain too, hope the team is okay with that.

              I am also very cheap and don't like offering contract extension because more often than not they are costly so I sold all rotation players with one year left on their contract. Also in Italy for fm12 I realized you get some nice co-ownership offers for average players. It was like free money! I don't think I'd get that much from them in the future so I decided to cash in on half of it now. Also another nice thing about Italy is that the player are over priced. I had an average back-up CB that I was able to sell for a million.

              edit: My cheapness is also taking a hit because I have to pay 2.3mil in wages for a loan player from Juventus! I can't cancel the deal and send him back (it seems its no longer allowed in fm12 or maybe I can't because it's outside the transfer window). The guy is Jorge Martinez and he's not even in my first XI! I don't even have him on my books to sell him later on so he's definitely not worth the money he's getting paid, which is the highest on the team, similar to Mutu who's contract is expiring after next season.


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                Haha, that's funny, I actually signed Malonga in my Fiorentina game in January, but unfortunately he just couldn't crack the team and got pissed, so I sold him.

                Thomas Muller: "We're not careless or arrogant. We're dominant'


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                  Yes, I get to chance to send Martinez back to Juve from loan because its January! He is my first back-up option but I have to do it.

                  Going to make some transfers now..


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                    Paloschi scores his first goal after 16 matches against Inter to tie the game 2-2. BTW this tactic is killer, one of the greats. I'm dominating possession and shots against teams with better players and I'm being very competitive against the league leaders.


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                      Wow, this is how that game ended. Crazy.

                      I'm going to post some recent transfers and fixtures later on.


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                        Since it's a DL tactic it's not the same as winning with your own but it does give you a little comfort knowing you have a good set-up. Its also easy for me to play my young players because expectations aren't high, I've inserted my young high potential Senegalese CB in the first XI.

                        Here have been the results with the new tactic, even with the loses the performances have been good.

                        It seems to rely on smart passing and possession. The front four also position themselves nicely to receive through balls (something peculiar about the tactic is that none of the four attackers have forward runs often, 3 are sometime, 1 rarely).

                        I've signed 5 nice players on frees for next season, I'll post them when they arrive. This transfer season I brought in this guy:

                        He's at the African Cup of Nations but when he returns I'll be looking to start him.


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                          Yeah, I signed Labyad on a free in the first season, and he looked good, but I just sent him out on loan for 3-4 seaons and then sold him to PSG for 10m where he was a starter. Never established himself at Morocco, which was surprising.


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                            Finished the first season, got 6th place, 3 points short of qualifying for Europe. Roma got the last spot due to winning the Copa Italia.

                            I've already started next season and made all my sales/buys. I sold Mutu, Malonga, and Parolo, 3 of my first team-ers. I got nice money from Malonga and Parolo and I sold Mutu because he was old and had a high salary. I bought a lot of players with nice potential and filled out the squad with free transfers.


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                              In/Out (out total is 21M)

                              The reason I have so many players out on loan/frees is because Italian teams love to have a huge squad in the reserves that they loan-out/co-own... they are still under contract so I'm looking to get rid of them. Also some players I got for free because I co-owned them and won the bid (sometimes even with 0$). I will look to stay away from co-own deals in the future.

                              This guys is going to be my first choice GK for this season. He is good but not great, after giving him first team action I might be able to sell him for a decent fee next year and buy someone better. He came on a free. BTW he's a FM legend, always been a good GK to buy over the years.

                              My first team DM, gotten on a free. Only attribute I don't like is decisions.

                              First choice AML, off a free.

                              Destro, he has been good the last couple FMs. He has nice contrasting attributes to Paloschi (can play playmaker). He should form a nice partnership with him, both young Italians.

                              Was lucky to sign this guy off a free. Good potential.

                              A good youngster


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                                Lux that motherf*cker and his 10 in aerial ability. Chievo player shoots a long shot right at him and goes over his head and in.

                                I've been playing Romario to give him first team experience and he's effed up twice, once conceding a penalty in the last few minutes of the game to allow a tie and once he scored an O.G. I know he will be beastly soon enough though.

                                The team has been doing good so far, undefeated in 5 games with highlights being coming back from 2-0 to win 2-4 against Milan and getting a draw against champions Napoli.


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