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    Haha I checked both teams out in Wikipedia. I knew Dinamo had more history but I had no clue it was such a difference; and yes I intend to get some silverware in two seasons. I signed a three-year contract, let's see where it takes me. The Romanian League is 16th while the Portuguese is 10th, but I guess winning or being 2nd in the 16th is better than being 9th in the 10th, right? Plus is a new challenge as I've never managed in Eastern Europe!


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      I had a game a few FM versions back with Steaua and I'll tell you this: Romanian teams have potential to be really good (although not good enough to win the CL unless you get a tremendous run of luck), and the league is really easy (at least for the top few teams, Rapid being one of them). Good luck, I have a feeling this could springboard you into one of the Big 4 leagues, which should then put you 1 more club jump from being at a team that could win the CL.

      Thomas Muller: "We're not careless or arrogant. We're dominant'


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        Indeed, I've already snatched my first piece of silverware!

        Got a bit lucky, I like to call it effective The tactic is still being worked on, but it's ambitious, too:

        The goal right now is to do the best I can this season and hopefully until next season win the league, and get a good run in Europe! Because after all, the big picture here is to be great in the Continental Competitions.


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            "Mijn hart is rood zwart rood met drie witte kruisjes in het midden"


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              Updates, guys!

              So, my Pentagon game as been losing steam for a while now, as evidenced by my attempt at starting an Arsenal game to see if it got me going in FM. It didn't, but I still tried to carry on with my goal of winning the Pentagon Challenge. Unfortunately one can only take in so many seasons of LLM.

              That's why, the Pentagon Challenge has been put on hold, and has given place to a new challenge for this young but hard working manager! And the challenge is...(drum rolls)


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                La Vecchia Signora Č Tornata

                Juventus Football Club (from Latin iuventus: youth), commonly referred to as Juventus and colloquially as Juve, are a professional Italian football club based in Turin, Piedmont. The club is the third oldest of its kind in the country and has spent its entire history, with the exception of the 2006–07 season, in the top flight First Division (knowns as Serie A since 1929).

                Founded in 1897 as Sport Club Juventus by a group of young Torinese students and linked to the industrial Agnelli family since 1923, the club has become a symbol of Italian culture and italianitŕ (Italianity), reflected, among others, in its contribution to the national team, uninterrupted since the second half of 1920s and recognised as one of the largest and most important in the world, and, due to ideological politics and socio-economic origin of the club's sympathisers and their massive presence of all over the country and, abroad, mainly in countries with a significant presence of Italian immigrants, through its fan base, larger than any other Italian club and one of the largest world-wide.

                Juventus are historically the most successful team in Italian football and one of the most successful and recognised in the world. According to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics, an organization recognised by FIFA, Juventus were Italy's best club of the 20th century and the second most successful European club in the same period. The club currently ranks third in Europe and sixth in the world with the most international titles won officially recognised by their respective association football confederation and FIFA. In 1985, Juventus became the first club in the history of European football to have won all three major UEFA competitions, the European Champion Clubs' Cup, the (now-defunct) UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and the UEFA Cup (first Italian and Southern European side to win the competition). After their triumph in the Intercontinental Cup the same year, Juventus also became the first football team ever—remain the only one at present—to have won all possible confederation competitions and the club world title.


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                  That's right, I'm taking over the Old Lady to bring them back to glory. Caliopoli has taken a toll bigger than even the most avid supporter of the bianconeri could have predicted, and Juventus have failed to compete firmly for the Italian title or for European glory in quite sometime now, with ever-changing managers and squads. This has to stop, Juve must keep their name amongst the World's best.

                  A bit of History:

                  This is the current state of things at the Delle Alpi.

                  Speaking of which:

                  Olipico Torino

                  The New Delle Alpi
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                    Now, on to the hands-on side of things.

                    The squad given to me screams immediately of instability. A bunch of loaned players in and out, which seems to make no sense when you have good talent being loaned out, in opposition to a few dispensable ones being loaned in.


                    Nevertheless, I decided to promise a title challenge. Juventus must always be in the group of frontrunners to the Serie A title.


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                      So, as you can see above, Buffon is injured. 4 to 5 months without the best keeper in the Serie A is tough.

                      I've let go most loaned-ins, only kept the 4 I deemed best.

                      Star players of the team, in theory:

                      Legendary bianconeri Del Piero

                      Chiellini, the present and future of Italian defending

                      The loaned player with the most chances of getting a starting spot

                      And the signing of the summer(so far, hehe), Krasic


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                        great choice! calcio č bello ... have fun bringing the glory days to a new arena ...


                        Originally posted by Filipower View Post
                        The loaned player with the most chances of getting a starting spot
                        Simone "Sucks Balls" Pepe is the best loanee? uh, what about Quags?


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                          For now I haven't played a single game, so Pepe looks like he's the best Also, Quagliarella has more competition since I'm thinking of placing Pepe in a winger role...


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                            hah that's fair enough ... once you get Giovinco back, that should help with the options ... btw how's Jorge Martínez rated in the game? he starts ahead of Simone Pepe quite often ... in fact, old Simone acquiesced to playing wingback just to get some more game time ...

                            I'm a little surprised Quags isn't in your starting XI, coz he'd certainly be a fixture for me, especially in the real world ... Toni and Iaquinta are a bit overrated for their age, are they?


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                              So, tactics.

                              At first I wanted to play a narrow diamond formation, but then it'd mean Krasic would be snubbed (unless I could suitably adapt him to a centre role). No can do.

                              The wider version is maybe a bit outdated, but with the right players, the tactic will prove itself. Or not, only time will tell. I've outlined two others for more defensive or all out attack situations.

                              edit: All those questions will have answers (both for you and me) when I start playing some matches. Martínez looks promising


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                                First game in charge. Both Matri and Quagliarella getting goals coming on as subs in the second half, which means Toni has lost his place to Quagliarella in the next game. Martínez got injured which means it's that much more important I find my Att. Playmaker.