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    So, obviously, I got the worst possible draw (again), Benfica. The semi-final is played in two legs, but still I don't see myself making it. Still dreaming though! Plus did cracked me up:

    (It's definitely funnier to me than to you guys, obviously )

    edit: Lost, but a CRUCIAL away goal!

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      Sure was efficient in front of goal though!

      So, the dream is over, but 5 games to go and the other goal is very much still attainable! F*ckin draws are killing me though!


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        Final week, what a match in hand: I'm up against 3rd place Santa Clara!

        again, the draws have meant I still haven't clinched promotion, which sucks because most of them have come from stupid late goals from the opponents...

        Still, it's at home and I only need a draw, so I'm pretty confident
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          There it is lads!

          Great game, great win, great season! Here are the heroes:

          Cervantes, the one and only veteran legend who thumped Porto!

          Diogo Rosado, our very own DR6!

          and Diogo Correua, the young loan from Leiria with the killer instinct!


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            So, after an AMAZING season, here's what it all comes down to:

            and what a time, too :


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              YEEEESSS!! I almost as happy as when I won the CL with Leeds in FM10, man, what a joy! The difference is in this case all I want is to jump ship, haha!

              It was only a draw, but it was enough, Aves are going to the Europa League (even if without me :P)

              And yes, finally some reputation!


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                F*ck, dilemma keeps getting bigger: stick with Aves or move on to a bigger club? I might not get one, but if I do, particularly a Portuguese one, the chances of European success shoot through the roof; I mean I didn't set out to do a game where I'd pick a team up and give them success like a did with Aves, and at the same time I reckon this is the highest I can put them, I'll get trashed in Europe. Damn.


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                  Definitely leave if you can. Sporting finished 4th, I bet they'll be looking for a new manager.

                  Thomas Muller: "We're not careless or arrogant. We're dominant'


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                    They weren't, f*ck. That's Sporting for you, happy with 4th place.


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                      Got the Costa Rica job, hopefully I can get them in the WC and gain some reputation

                      also, got through the 3rd qualifying round of Europa against Legia Warszawa; drew Dinamo Moscow now, so no promises.


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                        Cool, looks like your career is gaining momentum. Have to say I was a bit pessimistic when you started out at Korea's National Police Agency football team. Keep going strong.
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                          Haha, that was actually fun, though

                          I have to say, I was lucky (although it wasn't unexpected, seeing as my nationality is Portuguese) to get a Portuguese team; Portugal's leagues are quite easy and when you're one of the big three getting European silverware is very attainable because you just stroll by opposition in the national league. Being a smaller team isn't that hard as well because, although you're bound to get 5-0 results against the top 3, if you manage to draw or even win against the likes of Braga, Guimar„es and Nacional, then you can reach high spots, like I did.


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                            Sir Calumn's sig: pointless. Thumbs down.


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                              So.. A LOT has happened and I haven't been bothered to update you guys. Shame I know, you live for this. Here's a summary of what's happened!

                              So, two years have passed (or rather, I finished the season where I went to the Europa League and then did another). I didn't get to the group phase of the Europa League which was a shame, but not surprising. That season, I finished 7th (a spot away from Europe), but managed to get my first piece of silverware!

                              Yes, courtesy of the Big Three who insisted on fielding weaker sides against me, I won the Portuguese Cup! I was ecstatic when I realized I was going to Europe due to winning the Cup, but apparently that doesn't happen anymore. F*ck.

                              So, I started another season at Aves after spending the summer trying to find another club; again no luck. So last season started and the team got another revamp, and the league was a little harder:

                              Alas, my knock-out competition skills were rewarded once again, when I met Porto in the Cup final, again!

                              YEEEEEEES Leto again, what a legend!!

                              Meanwhile, I gave up my Costa Rica spot for a much closer to home Portugal U-21 team!

                              So I'm "renowned as a bit of a cup specialist", and then a funny thing happened. I got two offers!

                              One, from Dinamo Bucharest:

                              And another, from city-rivals Rapid!

                              Now, obviously Dinamo have history and tradition on their sides, but the thing is, Rapid have qualified for Europe next season, plus they have more money. So...

                              Here we go.
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                                Originally posted by Filipower View Post
                                So.. A LOT has happened and I haven't been bothered to update you guys. Shame I know, you live for this.
                                Air... Oxygen... I can... finally... breathe again!!! It's funny, because I also thought multiple times ''Ehh, what the heck, I can't be bothered to post an update on Soccergaming'', but then I felt like I needed at least a couple of witnesses to make my FM challenge worth my while and for it not to feel like a TOTAL waste of time... hehe.

                                Anyway... Well done winning back-to-back Cups! Do you think you can win the Romanian title with Rapid in your first season? I checked Wikipedia and IRL they only won it three times in their entire history.

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