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  • Yeah a Def Winger might be needed but we'll see once I get matches.

    Mostly the creator, but I put everyone's Long Shots to Rarely. Some tweaks to the Through Balls options but for now what the creator predetermined seems good, I'll only be sure once I play. Also GK distribute to Defender Collect.


    • Since I've been having success I definitely make slider tweaks. Most important ones are lowing long shots and creative freedom, and telling the wingers how to play out wide.

      I'm thinking about playing a game with a diamond and having a really narrow pitch. I'm also thinking about having a false 9 game and a libero game, but that's for later. I worry that my false 9 would just take a million long shots on this shitty match engine instead of playing the wide forwards through.

      Thomas Muller: "We're not careless or arrogant. We're dominant'


      • Yeah the match engine doesn't really seem to allow much tactical freedom except for wing runs.


        • So, here are a couple of the "superstars"

          Jan Benes, the BPD:

          There's always one Portuguese Teixeira-Robalo, the right midfielder:

          My striker partnership, with DLF Hauk:

          and spearheading the offense, AF Pichinot:

          and last but not least, our all important man in the whole, DLP, Maik Wagefeld!!

          Now this is obviously pre matches, pre incursion into the market observations, but I don't see myself making a lot of changes (very little money obviously) so these might be the key guys for me this season!


          • Gone through the friendlies, team responding nicely so far. Getting players is borderline impossible though, either they don't want to come or I don't have the money. I'll end up with a short squad which could be a bitch.

            This might be great in times to come:


            • Season's kicked off (it starts in July, ffs!), and how's this for the first goal of the new era?

              Backheel assist! The whole play was awesome, SI should allow more freedom with these replays.


              • Loaned this gem from Schalke, great for the left midfielder spot, he's instantly like one of my best players.


                • My new Ball Playing Defender. I'll push Jan Benes to the LCB position.


                  • Second season. Unfortunately the huge changes to the squad Ó la Tottenham are proving difficult to cope with in Europe, and I finished 3rd in the group. Hopefully I can win the Europa League though. (won the Serie A and Cup in the first season)


                    • Took me 10 seasons, 5 clubs and the retiring of Messi and Ronaldo, but I fucking did it.

                      The squad:

                      34 year-old Bale was the final piece of the puzzle this year after being released by Madrid.

                      Some of the stars:

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                      • Awesome. Is this your ''start from the bottom of the ladder'' save game? Because 10 years is pretty impressive in that case.

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                        • Yup! I did the "get a NT as soon as possible" trick and got lucky with a jump from Boavista to Real Sociedad. It's my 5th(4th and a couple of months) season there (I finished 10th-3rd-2nd-3rd-1st), Spain isn't that hard but the top 2 are unbeatable. I revamped the team in thos first few months and didn't do alot of changes throughout the years, just lapidating it and building up the club infrastructures, so this season was like the culmination of everything plus Ronaldo (he went to Juve!) and Messi(PSG) both leaving. I knocked out Barša in the semis of the CL, and luckily United won against Real because I think I would have lost if not. Seriously it's easier to win against anyone else besides Real or Barša. My two losses in the league were away against them. And plus Jones got sent off. So A LOT of luck but I put myself in a position to benefit from the luck Time to par-tay though


                          • My own little G÷tze, home-grown talent who scored that goal after coming on as a sub in the CL final:

                            And another home-grown gem: