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  • Transfer Deadline

    How to sell players on deadline day? i get offers but no option to agree, tried several things but failed to do so.Help please.

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    It's not that difficult guys, i'm sure all of you have encountered this at some point.


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      Never tried it on deadline day.. bt i planned their selling before hand .
      you list them as sellable and leave them alone- you will get offers slwly..

      Also check the intersted teams for each player and req the club to take the player.. some will say no but dont worry they will eventually come and propose a bid tou..


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        hi guys.
        can some1 tell me how many foreign players can u buy in european leagues such as Liga bbva,premier liga,italia league in manager mode for fifa manager 2008 ?
        need help bout this info cos i have restarted again the manager league cos all the foreign players i bought werent allowed to play in my league,...
        any idea ???