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How do you add player pictures to the game?

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  • How do you add player pictures to the game?

    How do you add player pictures to the game?can anyone help me with is?

    i want 2 change carricks picture in the game to a picture of him in a man united shirt how would i go about doing that?

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    This is how to create the 2d player faces for FIFA Manager 2006 - credits to TCMTotal and DuisburgerFMG for their info and input...

    Creating the TGA file - using Photoshop

    1. Simplest way is to create a blank image 160x160.

    2. Then paste in the image and align it to suit the area.

    3. Using the magic wand tool, select the players face and body - hold down SHIFT and keep clicking away until the whole of this item is surrounded totally by the dashed marquee lines.

    4. With this select press "Q" - this will then do a "Quick Mask" and the alpha layer will be created

    5. Save the file as a .tga and then select 32 bit with NO compression.

    Adding it to the GAME.

    The filename for the .tga must be the players surname followed by 2 letters of his first name followed by his full date of birth DDMMYYYY.

    e.g Angelo Charisteas DOB 09/02/1980 ===> charisteasan09021980.tga

    These files must then be added in to the user\picture directory in the game folder.



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      thanks but i dont have photoshop. would it be posible for you to send me a tga file of carrick and vidic in man united shirts for fifa manager 06?


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        Thanks Proxnet, I'll try it now.

        If it doesn't work i'll steal your wallet!

        ha ha ha just kidding you.


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          SIG BY ANTHONY


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            Is there a site which has all the pictures of players who joined England, France, Italy, Spain etc.


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              not all but some atleast.

              Download Player Pics

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                Proxnet your the best!

                Shame there was no Chelsea photos.


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                  Hi everybody
                  Sorry if I'm spamming old treads but I need help with this game.
                  I've been playing FIFA MANAGER 06 recently, mostly because the gameplay is much faster than new serials.
                  Anyway, I managed to insert 2D player's pictures in the game but I have problems with badges, I don't know how to insert them in the game.
                  I was wandering if the concept is the same as in new serials, and maybe someone could explain me the process.


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                    Man, FIFAM 06? Really? First of all, that's the worst FIFAM game developed by EA/BF in their history! Second, you should move on to at least FIFAM 08, which is a great game IMO!

                    Now, for your question, you need a badge with a transparent background (you can use photoshop/gimp for that) saved as a TGA file (targa). You need to save the file at these resolutions 256x256, 128x128, 64x64 and 32x32 pixels. Place each of the badges in this path(s) according to their resolution (e.g. the 256x256 should be in the badge256 folder):

                    FIFA Manager 06\badges\RO\badge256
                    FIFA Manager 06\badges\RO\badge128
                    FIFA Manager 06\badges\RO\badge64
                    FIFA Manager 06\badges\RO\badge32

                    RO-2 letter ID of the country from where that club is playing. In this case we're talking about Romania.

                    Now open the editor, go to club settings, choose the badge tab and set the badge to the respective club. Repeat the same procedure for each club that needs a real badge!
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