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    Originally posted by Se7eN
    That's strange. It might be a conflict between the game and the fact that some parts of your PC's hardware have changed, it's hard to believe 'though. Try uninstalling the game, deleting anything related to it from the registry (search for FIFA Manager and delete any of the value keys), then reinstall it. Hope it works.
    thanx m8 it worked...and there wasnt' a problem with my RAM it was just the registry.




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      This game has more bugs than registered players.
      But I love it!

      PROBLEM: Staff

      After one year I oferred extension of contract to my assistant manager and goalkeeper coach. They agreed in return of 15% salary increasement.

      So, when season started, their salary was increasing abnormally (like 30% per week). In few weeks staff salary exceeded player's (Spain 2b).

      Anyone had this problem?

      Now I let their contracts expire, then I hire them again or new ones and their salaries stay as agreeded.


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        i just installed it...when i enter the game..the screen is black but i hear the sound(EA sports logo intro voice etc...).. but i dun see anythinig...

        i tried windowed mode using "-windowed" in the shortcut works but i can't move my mouse down only 3/4 of the game screen!!!

        do u know how i can change the resolution of the game to 800x600 plz???

        help plz!!! i really want to play this game

        p.s. i tried to change my desktop resolution to 1024x768 and run the game on full screen but does not work either
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          This game requires really good game specs. Try getting 1 gb of ram to play. I play with absolutely no problems at all! Except just the occassional lost to the bottom place side :P

          3.0 ghz pentium 4 / ati radeon x700 / 1 gb ram

          Works fine for me


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            Originally posted by champdave
            Fixed my problem: in the target bit of the shortcut, put "-windowed" (without the quotations) at the end. For example, mine is ""CProgram Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA Manager 06\FIFAM06.EXE" -windowed".
            i tried to do the same way, but it didn't help me anyway. has anybody an idea what to do?
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              once i was playing a match and we had a trow in and everybody just stands there......
              there lazy bastards

              grtz gieler
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                help me if anyone is still alive here..coz i see the last post was in happy 2007,2008,and 2009...

                can anyone help me with problem in FM09??

                i always get sacked at the end of the season...dont know why..does anyone have the fix??? thx

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                  Buy The Game!
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                    that could be it though. can't be of much help as I've dropped FIFA Manager for FM a few years back.


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                      Well, I'm around on the FIFAM Forum all the time (second highest posts on the English side), and the main reason for the sacking bug is if people have downloaded the game. BF have made the game unplayable for people who haven't bought it legally. The only option to fix that is to buy the game.
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                        woy hodgeson is still at liverpool??


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                          I've got a problem (i write it here cos dunno why i cant post new topic). I wish to put some player from my club into national team I manage. But there are nobody from my club on the list ;/ why?


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                            Look around and use the filters accordingly (only GK, only CD, LB, ST, AM etc.) and see if it will show up when you'll make the NT selection. If isn't show up, wait to pass a season. If after that season it will still not showing up, then it's probably a bug.

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                              Guys i am currently playing Fifa manager 12,and in my first season at FC Steaua Bucharest i
                              build a level 1 youth camp in Montenegro(Podgorica),and when it was finished i got 2 players from it and to my surpise one of them had 6 Stars talent(Dalibor Petrovic,GK,12 years,23 level),it's this a bug or something,the stars are half the size of the normal talent star size of other players.I have 2 screenshots here,this is not cheating or anything else!