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Why has FIFA dissapointed you in the past?

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    An Indoor Soccer Mode would be nice


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      the reason fifa 2004 dissappointed me was that they promised that every player would have idividual chracteristics and guess what, every palyer was exactly the same when they shot, passed etc... at least in fifa 2003 beckham and roberto carlos had their own way of taking free kicks


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        cinematics ! the celebration cinematics in FIFA 2003 or 2004 are way TOO bad. Like after the first goal, if it's not a special player, the goal celebration will very simple and too short, like a baby's celebration when he gets a candy.
        dribble ! this one is really bad. Why I can't use Zidane to skip pass a Chinese defender ?! Or why a chinese striker get pass my Carlos to easily ? Then the dribble in FIFA 2004 and EURO 2004 are too ugly, and too useless when we have to get pass a defender. For example when I use Zidane to go pass the Macedonia defender in EURO 2004, he went pass that defender, yeah, but then that defender went back too quickly in just a moment to took the ball out of his foot. Why ?
        Header ! The players look too hard when they jump and they head the ball like head a rock.
        Stadiums ! Too dark with the shadows of the stadium roof.
        And at last, the players movement, like receive the ball, pass the ball, heading, shooting, dribbling, etc etc etc are too unrealistic. EA, please make that more realistic, as well as PES 3 !!!
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          great post


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            Maybe because it's crap and pro evo better.


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              (1) EA somehow always take away something good from the game for no particular reason.. eg. Radar in Euro2004..

              (2) Passing system.. pass + down means i want to pass the ball downward, for some reason the player may decided to pass it backwards, forward, upwards, diagonally but NOT downwards

              (3) Freekicks systems looks cool...but often of limited use.. Beckham near the edge of the box.. looks great..but keeper most often get a touch of the ball 90+% of the time (maybe i am crap?)

              (4) By the 30th game of the season, every game feels exactly the same.. gets boring rather quickly.. and one season to the next even less meaningful! its just like a re-run..

              (5) Winning the league/cup gives very little satisfaction.. the celebration is non-existant!
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                another thing I want to post.
                Why do I think FIFA 2004 is one of the worst in the FIFA series ?
                The answer is : EA, look back at RTW98 and FIFA 99, u guys will find out what u guys still miss.....
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                  I found fifa 2004 way too easy even on world class, I could easily beat france , with the worst teams. The gameplay is repetitive goals seem to look the same . The AI should be able to score from free kicks I have never conceded a goal from free kicks. Also the atmosphere lacked in the game , it was an anticlimax after winning the cup.


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                    yeah in fifa 98rtwc and fifa 99 i got great joy out of winning on world class and professinal because it felt like i actually earned the cup and in fifa 2004 it all feels the same on every difficulty level


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                      ok here we go:

                      1)first of all,the player and team ratings never make a difference.any player with extreme low stats can catch up henry,shoot like him.

                      2)the cpu team has always been immortal.their players never get tired even if their energy meter burns up.the speed of them is far more than our players.they run and can never be caught up.when we tackle them(slide)they never fall or loose the ball,they skip over our tackles and simply continue their unbeaten kick off,they just simply run straight towards goal.

                      3)during corners,when they select to aim towards'near post' their player is always stationary in the centre spot .when we try to push him,he pushes us off and if we succeed,then he runs round us back again and eventually scores a header.

                      4)the game has become too much predictable.after 2-3 weeks even world-class level seems amateur.
                      BUT NOTE THIS: even though we all say that the game gets too easy does not mean that ea should make the cpu do impossible acts.with the increase in difficulty levels in fifa games the cpu does not increase it's tactical level,but just increases it's attributes to impossible levels like faster speed,transparency,etc.please ea make a game that will force us to keep playing it untill the next fifa releases.

                      5)holland has never been featured with it's official form.please do feature it.

                      6)the match winning celebrations and cinematics should be longer and more previous games,when we win a cup final,the celebrations were very lame and did not enjoy us.after we should get something fun in return after winning a cup or league!

                      7)try to emulate the gameplay of fifa world cup 2002 was the best ever gameplay i saw in a football game.after that fifa 2003 nd 2004 have been very dissapointing in gameplay

                      hope u appreciate my views.and i hope to see a better and fun fifa 2005!


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                        the last few have had a major lack of multiplayer custom cups


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                          Broken promises . . . Danny Isaac always told how his researcher team have made an intensive research to study players real life behaviour since 2002, but ever since then we could always see how famous lefties like Recoba, Rivaldo turned out to be a right footer in game, how Owen can be out paced by someone like Igor Biscan . . . And to tell you the truth, eventough we can edit the foot settings in the game, you can`t feel the difference between kickin` with your weaker or stronger feet. Graphics turned out to be a major dissapointment in 2004, especially on kits ( this is for PC only, cos` on console version EA used a bigger resolution . . . ). And an consistent take away of good features. Nobody asked for the in-game editor to be taken off. Hey, some of us are 56 k`ers who seems to have trouble downloading a big sized CC. But I heard the in-game editor is back for Euro, let`s hope they keep this up. Let CC be an editor for editing major patches like leagues, roster or something for FIFA editors, most people here need a simple in-game editor to edit simple stuffs. One of the major problems are also why does every single FIFA always have a sweet spot where you can score goals and a totally scripted gameplay ??? Evidence :

                          On that page you can clearly see that there are fixed formulas for scorin` goals. This is not football at all, in football everything is totally random. This is why FIFA can be borin`, because once you`ve found the formulas or sweet spots, then the challenge is no more challenging. What`s the point of playin` a game when you know the fixed formula to beat it ? Nothin` . . .

                          Free kicks are good but not perfect, I don`t like the idea that whenever we hit on the green spot, the ball will 90 % goes in . . . Again this is another example how FIFA gameplay is so easy to predict. I prefer it to be changed into a power bar. Don`t be shy to copy the concept from "another game company", cos` it is what it`s like in football when it comes to takin` free kicks, it all comes down to feelings and timing. You don`t see a light green area when you kick the ball on the pitch, right ?

                          Stop over-rating the EPL and American players, in 2003 you put Donovan at a rate about 76, and Kaka at 66 . Remember that Kaka is the most famous and talented Brazillian in 2003. Everybody in Europe talked about him and you so called professional researchers "brilliantly" rated him below a kid who got loaned from Bayer Leverkusen . . .

                          There are lots of other stuffs like dumb goallie that can`t never catch a 45 yard lob or something, but I`m tired of sayin` the same stuffs over and over again . . .

                          One final note, it doesn`t matter how much researchers you have or how many football superstars you can put on the front cover, in the end it`s the passion for the sports itself that can make you, at EA, to produce a better football game. And so far since 1998 I feel nothin` but a lack of passion and a disgrace towards football in all your games. Hope this helps, tough I have a high doubt that any "officials" will come, read and implement all of this, and if that`s so, then thanks for your ignorance. Have a good day Isaac . . .
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                            danny Isaac should be killed by now, how can you lye milions of people around the world, that fifa 2004 will be the best football simolation, with improved gameplay. i think fifa 2004 its the worst fifa i ever played, i didn't like the corner kicks, shoting sistem its so stupid, its not point to drible coz you can score from outside the box allways, the (off the ball) is crap anyway if fifa 2005 will improve the gameplay i will be happy, but it will be hard to belive coz the lye evry year they will improve this end that and you and up dissapointed


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                                Fifa rtwc 98 is the best for its time.

                                Fifa 2002 I currently play because you can score from 50 yards in to the top corner with ease and score totally ridiculous goals against anyone on world class. This is completely unrealistic, but it is fun for me to play against a friend, because at least you can play an online game properly, and you can customise well and save replays (stuff u cant do later on).

                                I think there is too much emphasis on trying to be realistic, and since they totally fail to even come close to realistic in every game, they should make it fun, which is what fifa 2002 is, because of the obscene goals you can score and the volleys they programmed in (i once did a scorpion kick, but it went for a corner off their keeper (im not lying)). When i play the game i want to be able to do stuff i dont see in real life, or whats the point. I dont want to play in world class for 45 mins each way to draw 0-0 in a scrappy game (like many times in real life).
                                Thats why i like fifa 2002 the most (and it does have curl in that game, believe me)

                                Fifa 2003 and 2004 are absolutely appauling. No customisation and not even a replay save on fifa 2004. Absolutely appauling multiplayer on fifa 2004, couldnt get it to work once. What happened to direct i.p so you can play your friend? all this crap of registering and stuff only for it to not work or work poorly.

                                so for fifa 2005

                                3)Replay save on PC
                                4)Make cool moves
                                5)Make difficult on world class, realistic goals scored in the main, but once every few games you do want that unrealistic goal from distance or volley just because it is fun.