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Why has FIFA dissapointed you in the past?

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  • Yes, definitely with PK as well!


    • The computer has always been able to perform some highly improbable feat to score goals against you on a consistent basis.
      When i mean highly improbable, i mean something that is rather hard for a user to pull off, but the AI seems to think it a pice of cake....any thoughts?
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      • Well, one example is I REALLY hate computer make a lob pass from around the center circle to the front man in the box, and the striker put the ball in goal after just 1 touch, or even worse by volley.

        I mean, the striker stands so far that he's out of the screen when the pass is made by the midfielder. No way that I can mark the striker. Nothing I can do except to rush the goalie out by maybe a step before the striker makes the shot.

        Another example would be just some silly header duels that won by the computer. Say my 6'4" 200 Lb defender standing side by side to a 5'6" low strength striker trying to head off the ball. And my defender actually being out-jumped and more often than not lost balance and fell?! Again just hate to see things like that happen every match.


        • All i can say is, the game play is too scripted !!!!


          • Originally posted by SuRFy
            All i can say is, the game play is too scripted !!!!
            Couldn't agree more.

            I don't care about player's boots, how does ball looks, about lenght of the sleeves and stuff like that.. I want to feel the excitment of game that "feels" just like real football.. I want to see that ball is "free" and realistic.. FIFA is going in wrong direction.
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            • The last "unscripted" version of FIFA I can remember is FIFA96.

              I can actually move the player or shoot at the goal with the way I wanted. Arrrhhh..., still miss that simple yet creative game!!


              • The last FIFA socccer version I bought was 2003 and I won't buy another until several things are improved:-

                1) I think the bias in favour of the machine on the 2003 version is ridiculous particularly when defending at the 'professional' level. Nothing seems able to defend against the machine launching a through ball and as I have little control over where all the defenders are at any one time , its down to software rather than human skill whether a goal is scored for the machine or not. Its most frustrating when one works hard at the other end to score goals to see the inability of the human agent to control enough defenders at the other.

                2) It might sound trite but why spoil the game for serious lovers of football with stupid and ill considered team names. The Premier League has a team called 'London' which doesnt exist. Surely enough effort could have been put in to make sure all the clubs had valid names.

                3) There is not enough help. For example I have no idea on my PC version how to spin a free kick or to move the disk inside the ball to achieve that. None of my controls seem to affect it.

                4) I hope future versions drop this idea of including European competitions within the league season. For those of us who play 5 or 6 leagues at once it is ridiculous to have 5 or 6 simultaneous European competitions and it makes a nonsense of it. Far better, as my old 1999 version did, if the game allows you to create your own European leagues and cups from the winners of your own leagues, in fact leave a little manual control to us players.


                • Hi . for me fifas always just bin a little to repetitive in the gameplay and ive found myself scoring the same sort of goals over and over again. PES6however somehow never lets this happen? One to thibnk about mayb