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    another tip C+D fake shot


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      Together with some other controls its already in the suport / controls thread:

      chip shot (Q+D)

      Manual through balls (Q+S)
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          I have two things that I still can't get hold of properly.
          I'm playing on world class.

          1) Headers. It's real pain in the arse. Especially defensive headers. CPU's mostly scoring against me via headers to whom I'm absolutely vulnerable. It seems that cpu players is just predetermined to always win all the high balls in my box. I've tried all the buttons, but mostly I try to clear the ball via shoot button. Also I tried both, just bashing the button furiously or trying to get the right timing for the jump and push it only onece. No use. Cpu wins those crucial headers 90% of the time. As if my player wouldn't be there at all.

          2) I think this one is dependent on unavailability to change tactics and formations in demo, but it's quite oftenly happens that cpu makes through balls or just plain pases to player somewhere on the edge of penalty area and he's completely unmarked and I can't do anything about it. I mean, I defend well when it's up to me, but I can't do anything about AI's controlled defenders on my team. They are loosing coordination and placement so often and I can't do anything about it.

          Any hints?
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            Hey guy...check this out!

            Chip the ball over the opponent head ? yes! i did it! and score by henry!

            what i can say, the first touch control was so fun for me.. now i can make various move because the first touch control..

            look this animated gif by clicking this link.


            same goal from different angle.
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                is it the trick are these key?
                SHIFT + L,U,R
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                  i have got a saitek p3000 controller for pc anyone know any moves as the first touch dont work that often ??/
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                    z+c change the tactic of the team
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                      how to make shot very far from 16m50 ??????????
                      (sorry my english is bad )


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                        What is your favorite type of move?

                        my favorite type of move is a upper ninety shot on a volley or a lob shot over the keeper
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                          im sik of this game allrdy , gameplay to scripted and first touch is simply all the same , only way i get past opponents is rolling the ball past him , if u time it right u get past world class every time . This is so unrealstic because the defenders jump in every time .
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                            Moves I've found

                            Alright for all you who haven't found these moves here you go:
                            Ok I started off with keybord which you aktivate the moves (first touch) with shift. But now I use Logitech dual-action controller but it works the same

                            Drag L or R = Stick up or down
                            Overstep = Stick forward
                            Lift/Flip ball = Stick back
                            Overstep R or L then flick the other way = Front then to either side ex. Front -> diagonal front left -> left
                            360 = side to front ex. Left -> diagonal front left -> front
                            Drag flip = From side to back ex. Left -> diagonal back left -> backwards
                            Lift the ball in the run = Back then front REALLY QUICK
                            Fake step over then go to the oposite side = REALY QUICK up and down
                            Rush = Flick in either direction with "first touch" activated
                            Qiuck stop = Flick back with first touch ex. pulstick forward then back

                            These are the moves I've found. And the first touch moves are controlled by the 2 sticks on the controller, so with the keyboard you can use first touch in the cool flamboyant way you can with a dual-stick controller
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                              Can someone tell me how to through lob the ball with a Logitech Dual-Action Controller ?? Through pass is with "Key 5" (PS2: L1), but I want to use the through lob...

                              Can anyone help me please ???

                              Cya !


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                                Hold 4 then press 5

                                for some god-damn reason 4 is player run and 5 is through ball totally WRONG! But we'll be abel to change it in the full version
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