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    Little bug...


    Great work from the "Grand old Man" of FIFA editors. I just had one problem with the editor. I went to add a player from the "Free Agent" file to a team, and got an error message that said the program had encountered a serious error and needed to be shut down. So...what do you think?

    Otherwise, wonderful stuff as always.

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      Originally posted by chau
      If you installed any patches previously then that might be the problem. I am not sure what files these patches modified but more likely are the ZDATA_XX.BIG files in the DATA folder.

      You could try to restore these files from the CD. And if that also fails then try to reinstall FIFA2004.

      I.m sorry, I have a lot of respect for you, but when I first run the program it worked, the second time I got that empty screen too, and now you are saying we need to reinstall whole fifa 2004 just because of one little program?

      Maybe you should make a better bug-free program instead of making a lot of stupid insttructions which need to be done before that damn editor finally works!


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        I jus restarted my PC and started cc2004 to see it this helped.... it helped!!!!!!!

        But do I have to restart my pc everytimeI want to use cc2004 again? I'm afraid I do.... don't know for sure !

        testing right now


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          Originally posted by sunny_2232000
          when i click on the cc04.exe, it says cc04 has caused an error in <unknown>, what shall i do to make it work
          i have the same problem....


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            no! don't have to restart again, it work 100% now!!!!!!!!

            I take back all my previous negative comments chau!!! People with the same problem as blaztboy and me, (no leagues list ect, an empty screen) just change the language to the one you use, and then restart you pc, instead of cc, it helps!!!!!!!!


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              I have the same problem BlaztboY is talking about. I'll see if the zdata files are the cause as soon as I get out of work. This morning I quickly tested copying the cmn folder from my CD.

              I would just hate to start our patch all over again.
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                so a reboot did the trick huh? gotta try that when I get home
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                  fantastic it's working! jeee!


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                    This CC is better than last CC but I got a problem when I add a player from the "Free Agente" file to a team or when I create a new player I cant add this player to team in Fifa 2004, For Example: I create Paul Gallagher to Blackburn and put in the Subs in the CC and I start a new Carreer and I want to put him in the First team and the player I substitute go to Reserve and Paul Gallagher still in the subs and the team has only 10 players. How I solve this ? because I cant play with new players only when I put them in the first team in the CC


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                      That being the case would it be posible to create an installer (say using wise or smg similar) to install the files and prompt for a reboot after its done copying the files?
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                        Chau said that he is working to solve the problem of adding players, so lets give him some time...
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                          Originally posted by cuzo
                          First of all ...What a great utility this is....very easy to use ...Many thanks for all the hard work put into it ....

                          My query is when I altered a team, changing the players stats and the team formation, I eagerly saved it and then started the game ....However when I checked my team none of the formation changes had been made in the game... I checked the players stats and they had altered , so I just changed the formation and starting 11 with Team Managagement....

                          Not sure if this is a bug...anyone else noticed this ?

                          If you had managed your team lineups/formation and saved the rosters in FIFA 2004 then you will see some conflicts after editing the database team lineups/formation. You may want to go and remove the Roster save file from your user folder and then check your edits for accuracy.
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                            Well, i'm not sure, but I think that there is a bug about the 'League Level' and the carrer mode...

                            Ex: The Brazilian League level is 5, and we can't play carrer mode...OK. But If i cange it to 1, so i can choose this league in carrer mode.
                            But after choose my team, so the game just back to windows... and it happen with me and some friend who tryed the same feature...


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                              dipbhattacharya: no program can work out the sleeves problem. [/B]
                              U mean it is impossible in fifa2004 ?

                              I will be dead then


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                                imo i dont really care if the players have got long sleeves or short, but quite a few 'keepers have got long sleeve