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    to do skill with the ps2 version u hold r2 (walk) and toggle the analog stick. select button? thats the first i've heard of it. i'll try that out sometime....


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      i had tried to use the 'z' key but i dont know how to contol it
      so how do use the off ball control?


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        bicycle kick

        yeah yeah yeah!!!!!

        I did a bicycle kick!!

        it's real
        s i heard some of ya did it already and i didn't beleave that but now i did it and it's realy cool!!!

        bicycle kick: hold R2 while ball is in the air, then press up and press left on the right analog stick (do this at the same time )
        then press O to shoot
        i now this seems hard but it's do able

        Maybe bad english!!
        from your pc to your ps2


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          It doesn't work, I tried it a million times and not even like that works. Are you sure that's how you do it?


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            it does work

            I did it for real, it's very cool!

            maybe you just did the buttons in the wrong order

            try it another million times, maybe it will work then
            from your pc to your ps2


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              could someone please tell me what on earth R2/Walk button is on Gamecube? Much appreciated, thanks in advance


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                On gamecube the wak button is the "Z" Button....... BUT the Z button is at the same time the "Off the ball button".........

                so when you want to walk,, you have to press the Z button,,, and when you want to use the OFB, you just need to tab it Once to activate the mode,,, and then tab it again the toogle the players.


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                  How can i do overhead kiks and scissors in the air???

                  pleaesomeone tell me!!


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                    ok thanks! if u mean a volley, u need to make a very good cross and press B just as it hits ur players chest. if timed correctly, he does a volley. Im still having trouble with the overhead kick. does anyone know how to do a through-the-legs trick? imj sure i saw a vidoe of del piero doing one (in the game)


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                      I play on PC !!! Help me !
                      How to finish when face to face with goal keeper (Super Man).
                      "I shoot 10, but one goal ! Help me ! The Goalkeeper fly like a bird !!!"


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                        I can finish a ball easily as 30m. But in the Pennalty area, I can't. OMG. I'm crazing !!!


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                          how do you score from a free kick? I can get it on target good, but every single time, the keeper saves it. no matter what. is it possible to score from one??


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                            try to not put too much power. click before the pointer reaches the end of the bar, and then click again when its in the middle of the green line. for power, put it about 2/3 of the way to the end.
                            I have a question now, when i click Z and R (Gamecube: offtheball and sprint) a little thing comes up in the corner, with long ball, wing etc. and sometimes when i do that the offtheball recivers change. 1. how do I change them back and 2. If i do Want to change, what do i do?


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                              Ok it might sound funny, but I have a problem with two things:

                              1 If I do a header pass to another player, he doesn't move. He just stands there for no matter how long it takes. It's allright on amateur, but on Pro, the opponent player just runs by and grabs the ball. Telling the guy to move doesn't work since he's not selected most of the time. Maybe a second before he receives a ball, yea, but not untill then.

                              2. One touch shots? Wuts up with that? It works at about 75 degree angles, but I've seen comp take 180 turn around shots and score and my guys have to take a touch on the ball before they can shoot at that angle...

                              help... without that I'll never make it to world class which pisses me off since I was nasty in 2003


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                                Before I even start, I just want to say I really do enjoy Fifa2004, I have enjoyed all before, however after 6 years, it's getting a bit monotomous.

                                These are my requests for the next generation of Fifa2005 (some of these have been incorparted from the board) :

                                -Dynamic weather should make its arrival and with it the death of Sunny Italian league games. (Snow, Rain, Clouds, Sunshine, and Fog should be incorporated).

                                -Balance and varied goals, we don't want to score from far away all the time.

                                -- The return of "revamped" creation center for CONSOLES and PC alike. Players must have accesories like in NFL and NBA. Boots, short/long sleeves, hair styles, side burns, facial hair, glasses, etc.

                                -The liberty to choose players for the international squads from leagues and the current default. Like '98, how about a reserve team to pick players from?

                                - Bring back the "Choose Captain" option... R. Carlos is not the Captain of R.Madrid, along with other huge mistakes. Let the user decide.

                                -World Cup

                                -Match selections should include things like ball selector, ref selector, weather, stadium, etc.

                                -More songs, and a way to skip and go forwards/backwards from a playcentre, or keyboard shortcut.

                                -Put in NEW animations for substitutions, 4th official with electronic number board and stuff, and also have the team medics spray the injured during the game after a foul, if the player is really injured have him taken off on a strecher. Please include some new stuff for winning a league and tournements, we spend so much time and effort and then get a 10 sec piece of [email protected] Cmon, make it worth while.

                                -Longer carrer mode, with options to change kit colours and kit types, build a bigger stadium and change team name and even move city, once again like NFL.

                                -Please make all club teams available for transfers, what's the point of having a rest of the world league if you can't buy players from these teams?

                                -Following gameplay features = bicycles, simple one-two, lobbing the keeper (easeir to do please).

                                -3D fans, make the fans genuinly real, they still look like card board

                                -Better goal celebrations, flairs, rockets, banners, madness, shirt throwing, kicking the corner flag, etc.

                                -Please include the the various licenses to make the kits genuine, Nike, Umbro, Diadora, etc.

                                -How about bringing back indoor soccer, or even street or beach? You could combine all this into one huge career and try dominate at everything.

                                -How about some African/Asian/Oceana clubs.

                                Please guys, jack it up, this game has some much potential, take it to the next level, make it really killer, something the user will want to play again and again.