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    can anyone do a bycicle please i want to know that coz i tried everything and when you shoot the ball from distance if there are players standing in the path of the ball and when the ball comes close the players,triangle on top lights up meaning the the player has the ball does it mean that if we push some button he will kick the ball coz if yes then the ball is at such height for the player to do a bycicle.


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      is anyone there please answer me


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        this is a great idea to do some trick ok so please help me and try this trick your self


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          no i did a volley kick but thats about it
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            ps2 version:

            442 formation (thus far, that i've been using)/ OTB designations: 1) right striker, 2)left striker, and 3) center mid.

            seems to me that the R2 tricks and moves are useless, and just for show. even when using great players, it's impossible to get past defenders, unless you're lucky.


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              Hi guys!

              Can someone please post these tricks with the Xbox button layout?




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                does anybody know what it means when my players light up anybody knows

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                  Lob Throw ball

                  New trick...if u dont now it

                  U can do a throw long ball , it is very coool and it do lots of space for the wings...
                  C + A (the walk button + the lob button)
                  and you can also score lob goals with them...


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                    how can u dribble past defenders ? I think it's impossible.


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                      Originally posted by Me3
                      how can u dribble past defenders ? I think it's impossible.
                      i will tell you here
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                        well i do it a couple ways...

                        1.) sprint towards them, then press the trick move button.. either (shift, analoge stick, or right toggle stick for xbox) it takes timing though. get familiar with the timing.

                        2.)use "walkmode".....when a defender steps, do one of the moves... which are listed everywhere in this site.

                        hope i helped...


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                          yeah i beaten my opponent heaps, my last one was a shimmy with seth johnson against some leicester player...Its very satisfying beating your opponent, believe me. As for the scissor kick question, i can do diving headers and first time volleys, but no scissors as yet

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                            Quick tip on the Z key... i'm loving it. You know in FIFA 2003 when you're on the wing and some guy has you marked, and when you want to cross into the middle you always had aim to the center? The second you hit the down or up key, depending on which wing you're on, your player turns smack into the defender and loses the ball. But if you have Z activated, you can just run straight and lob and you will automatically lob towards the targetted person in the cross. Wonderful.

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                              One way to break past defenders if you have a particularily quick player is to simply use the right analog stick without the walk button. From a standstill, he'll dash in whichever direction you push and you can sometimes beat the defender.

                              Also, I think I did a bicycle kick once, but after the play I didn't have the common sense to use the instant replay. As I remember, I lobbed it into the box from the wing and tried to do a header, but perhaps my man was turned so he did a bicycle instead. Can't say for sure, but I'm looking into it ...


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                                Getting through defenders gets easier with better players. I was playing Brazil, and using Pauleta/Rui Costa/Figo, I was able to shove them out clean and get clear shots, only problem was I could never put the ball in the net so I tied 0-0.