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Official PC Patch Details & Installation Issues

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  • When you get an "old file does not exist" or "exists but is not the same" or something, means that either the file is corrupt (bad previous patch, no-cd crack) either that for some reason it has been deleted. The best way is to:

    1. Uninstall FIFA from Add/Remove Programs
    2. Go to the folder it was installed and delete everything inside
    3. Install FIFA again
    4. Try to patch FIFA

    For those still having problems patching it, I suggest using apone's procedure, that's the same one I did when I first got the patch, or search on BitTorrent for Deviance's FIFA Patch.


    • Why Oh Why

      Can Anyone Help Me>?

      Im having problems to confiq my Pad Buttons, Ive got a Saitek P2500 Rumblepad & Also a Rockfire PS2 to USB Convertor with a PS2 Pad.

      All I want is to change buttons to same as on PS2 cos i also play on PS2 version alot

      Another problem is that even when the Pads work in Fifa like they are now I cant put any spin / curl on the ball when I have a FreeKick.

      These in my eyes are major problems with the otherwise mint conversion onto PC, The GFX are far better on PC version.

      I have install the game fresh again & added the v11 patch but I can only edit Keys now, not the pad that I want to?

      I also got the update from EA thru inserting Disc 1 & clickling update, it said update complete & the status bar was finished.

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      • For some reason everything else is patched except the "Save Replay" feature. This is so annoying.


        • FIFA 2004 keeps crashing

          okay when i start a match the game crashes and goes back to my desktop, and sometimes when its loading it just crashes, and when i do start to play i cant see the pitch when i'm playing its so dark, this FIFA is by far the worst i've played


          • HI can any one tell me how i can Install this Official Patch i download the patch but dont know where to put the files plzz help me
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            • these are great news!!! and I was about to ask how on hell I can save my "great goals" in instant replay


              • Originally posted by Snooze
                So you are gonna tell me you can watch replays now? Cause I still cannot watch my replays. When I go to options and then save/load and select replays, all my replays are there but when I try to load a replay for the first time I get a loading screen, then I get a black screen and then the question if I want to save the changes. And when I try to load a replay for the second time I get kicked back to my desktop after the loading screen.
                I have the same problem ! Somebody has the solution ?


                • Originally posted by apone
                  Here's a tip for those who are having problems using the autopatch function. Go to EA's FTP and choose your language version (I have only tried this for the EN-UK version). Download the files in that folder. You won't need all the html files, just the one called "home.htm". After downloading the files, put them in a folder and edit the "home.htm" file (with notepad or something) by removing the reference to the FTP site. Just remove this bit: and just leave the actual file names. The four references should look like this after you've changed them:

                  <PARAM NAME=Script VALUE=patchscript.scr>

                  Save the file. Now open the file "patchscript.scr" and do the same thing here. You only need to fix the first two refernces "PatchURL" and "PatchFile". Those two lines should now look something like this:


                  Save the file and then doubleclick the home.htm file. Click yes if you get a ActiveX warning, then click the big update button, and that should be it.
                  THANKS A LOT APONE (I have juste registered only to thank you !!!)
                  I have spent maybe 8 hours trying to run the patch fot that game (with an official CD ROM), installing/uninstalling, downloading, deleting, cracking, saving, rebooting, reqding forum, etc ... and finaly ONLY your solution works !
                  Thanks again !!!


                  • How can I Change the Keyboard???..

                    Hello!!!...I installed the Clausura 2004 patch form, and I'd the same Error with the Fifa2004 Patch 1.1 "old file,etc,etc". and I can't change the keyboard...

                    How can I customize the keyboard however I had it without that Patch v1.1????...

                    P.D. Please, Help me!!!!..
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                    • hey guys is the Patch released.. if it is can u guys help me by giving me the link to download it.. plz


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                        • Good night Everybody.

                          I have been following this forum for years but until now I have not been encouraged to register because I have a small problem that I hope they can help me. This FIFA marked me quite a few years ago and I have reinstalled it but I am not able to apply patch 1.1 because I only find an unofficial version of and I am not able to install it since it creates a folder in the directory of FIFA 2004 With some files but not installed. I would like to be able to get the official patch that EA pulled since all the operative downloads that I find are from the patch. If anyone could pfacilitarme the patch uk / in 1.1 for this game I would appreciate it a lot since as I can not configure the keyboard to my taste it makes me impossible to play it.

                          A million thanks.