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    it's probably an EA conspiracy to make Chau look bad i guess


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      Originally posted by Hansmeijer
      My quest for those coder is.

      Are they sleeping or what?
      Or is your BETATESTERS being just some little kids?

      I know that being a high standard BETA tester,
      its a great and importend function/jobe and NOT some playing arround or being the first to have/use the new tools.

      Sorry, to bother.
      I was one of the beta testers of the new Creation Centre, and any problems which I found during the testing phase ended up getting corrected before the final release.

      But it doesn't please me when you make some dumbfounded accusations like that. It doesn't help Chau or the testers, who've done a good job to turn a useless program into something a lot more better.

      Yes I may well have been one of the first to use the new Creation Centre, but I didn't use it for advantageous purposes... I used it for testing purposes and tried a number of tests, including what they call "destructive testing", to see if the program could take in such erroneous input.

      Next time I'd think carefully before making comments like that. Maybe the reason why you can't get some functions to work is possibly due to your computer and FIFA 2003 configuration.


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        Originally posted by Hansmeijer
        Are they sleeping or what?
        Or is your BETATESTERS being just some little kids?...
        I have also been one of the testers, and I do not consider myself to be a "little kid" nor I was sleeping while testing the new CC. I bet my head on that all the testers spent all time they could to find all bugs in the game, so did I.
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          I spent 10 hours on one particular day finding all sorts of bugs caused by the Creation Centre, and I gave Chau a report on them so that he could try and get rid of them.

          Not all of the bugs could be fixed so some settings were hidden so that they couldn't be modified... but really EA should shoulder the blame for including such settings that didn't do anything to the game in the first place, such as the streamers, pitch repair and so on.

          BTW, I'm no little kid Hansmeijer... I am 22 years old and have been testing FIFA editors since FEd99. So take back that "little kids" remark where it came from.


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            Re: Re: ...

            Originally posted by wade39
            The runtime error of nico2001:
            First of all you guys should check if MDAC 2.6 (or above) if installed onto your computer. CC 1.5 now requires MDAC 2.6 or above. If not, just search the m$ downloads center for it.

            Runtime error 9:
            And before you try to use the grahical formation (The picture one)thing, FIRST select ANY player in the text (the LIST BOX one)formation thing, THEN press the show formation box. Runtime error 9 should not appear.
            I have the latest version I thinks.. but I'll look for anothr one


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              I had some problems as well with 1.5. I'm sticking back to 1.0 till its fixed.
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                One thing I've been having a problem with in CC is that the Goalkeeper kits I import do not appear when I play a match.

                Also, one BIG thing missing in CC is the ability to change a team's font colors. It's pretty aggravating to make a really nice white kit from scratch and have the font color of the numbers and letters to be set to white by default.



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                  Download Kit Raptor to work around the font color problem.
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                    I've just downloaded CC 1.6, opened my FIFA 2003 package and I still get the 380 Runtime Error everytime I try to open the only team I created!!!


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                      Have a question to CC creators. How does the formation option work???
                      is it possible to place the players wherever I like?
                      If not, how will you explain the MU, Brecia, Celta, Bayer Lev. formations???
                      Tell me what change can be made in the formation sctreen?
                      Hope I can make Juve, Milan, Real and others play like they do...


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                        I got some questions....
                        1). How come all the formation types that are in the game are not in the CC,like 3-6-1 and 2-5-3 for example?

                        2). Isn't it supposed to work like me changing the default formation(if there is a thing) for that particular team in the CC then seeing it inside the game,example like modifying the player position to your liking therefore creating a new type of formation more or less?

                        3). How do i install my generic goalkeper kits?

                        4). How come i can't select my generic alternate strip inside the game?

                        Hope someone can help with those questions...thanks


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                          When I switch formations in the CC they appear to remain in the game until you select the formation screen in-game. Then the formation reverts to the nearest match.
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                            CC upgrade?

                            Will there be a new version coming up soon for CC?
                            Im using CC 1.6 combined with Kit Raptor and I like the results.
                            But there could be some enhancements, for example adding Club Championship in the competition section in CC.
                            Thanks for all good stuff ya all make!



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                              Re: Please Help

                              Originally posted by Bardhi
                              I get this message whenever I click (single or double) on a player:
                              DEBUG: Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal. (3265)
                              Also when I click on a team I get RUN TIME ERROR 13 Type Mismatch.

                              And the program quits...
                              Is that just me getting this?... If yes, how can this be corrected??????
                              Yes.I also get this problem.Can anyone give idea to solve this problem?
                              Hello everyone!


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                                i dont know why

                                i have downloaded the CC v1.5 and v1.6......but the same problem occurs as i install the package and start fifa can clearly understands the problem in the ppictures below.i have posted this problem many times but still have got not a slightest clue how to solve it...i any one of u kowing this problem plz reply and anyone knowing the solution... plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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