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    Here's a link for Directpadpro you might find useful though I havent a clue if it helps for USB since mine is also a LPTI pad.

    Also a few simple control tips that may seem obvious after you play a while but might be of use to newcomers.

    Tap W repeatedly + direction when ball is in the air to head it

    Press and hold A for a flat and low lob .

    Tap A to chip the ball.

    Pressing and holding W causes your keeper to run out from your goal when an opposing player is approaching your goal.

    Shift or Space key + left or right causes you to push the ball forward or backward.

    Shift or Space + up or down causes your player to shimmy

    Press and keep the Q key to get your players to make runs foward freeing them for open passes.

    A very basic though useful tip.

    If you find yourself in a one on one situation with the goalie or in the box TAP the D or shoot key instead of pressing it to slot the ball into the net.

    Particularly useful if you find that you're always putting the ball over the crossbar.
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      Tapping W seems not to work to me. I have to press S right after cross the ball over and then W to header. It is to assign control to the player nearest to where the ball coming to.
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        yeah you need to control the player before you can head but I do it almost without thinking of it so I forgot to mention it
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          ... I really need HELP with the SIDEWINDER control pad... could anyone of you guys, please explain to me how to perform certain special moves... since the only moves that I have allready perform... were to tap the sprint button and the cursor!!!
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            On the PS2 version of the game if you get a free kick from a really long way out-the kind of distance with a 1 or 2 man wall-use the square button instead of the circle and aim about 3/4 of the way up the goal an close to a post( often nocurl is needed). Don't know why the square works better for these but it does. You can score about 90% of 40ish yard free kicks.


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              Originally posted by marc_angelus
              I'm using a PS dual shock pad on my PC and START is my skill button. I've seen about 3 skills so far, and I think different players have different skills. Wingers tend to have a skill that involves kicking the ball a few yards ahead of them, everyone else tends to shimmy a bit. The only other skill i've seen so far is Seba Veron has a 360 degree spin on the ball, but i've only ever done it twice and I have no idea how, because most of the time he just shimmies.
              Originally posted by marc_angelus
              the right analog stick does all the tricks

              and i thought ea assistant was just for recommending subs. i'll turn it off right away!!
              I use my playstion pad on PC, (my right stick works but it is not my skill button)The START is my skill button,
              START was your skill button before, now u r using right analog stick. How did u change that?


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                i can still use start plus a direction on the left stick for skills if i want, but i don't have to hold start to use the skills on the right stick, but both ways work. I'm using the ntpad xp 2.01 driver from I have the right stick mapped to the rX and rY axis which I assume is what Fifa looks for.

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                  so does ea just assume we don't have right analog sticks on the pc so it doesn't support the right analog special move thingy?? That would suck if it's true.. I know that I have a thrustmaster Dual Analog Power 2 gamepad.. and I get NO right analog stick special moves.. and NO force feedback??!!

                  What the hell.
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                    well from my previous message it's evident that they haven't assumed pc owners don't have a right analog stick, because mine works.

                    It doesn't seem to be widely supported though, I would assume that the joypads listed in their config file should all be compatible but I know for a fact that at least one isn't, as someone posted earlier in this topic about their PS pad adapter not working properly with fifa despite it being in the config.

                    If you have the option to remap your axis, then try setting your right analog stick to RX and RY, this is what i'm using and it works. I don't remember the name of the third axis type (currently assigned to my D-PAD) but i think it's ZX and ZY.

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                      Originally posted by marc_angelus
                      I figured out the right analog stick stuff last night.. who would have thought they'd map the right analog stick? nice one EA!!

                      I also worked out how to score from crosses, so now i'm just one step away from knowing how to do everything i need to have a basic mastery of the game..

                      Anyone know how to defend corners? If i use the header button, my keeper runs out of his goal because it's also the keeper rush button. And the other buttons dont seem to do anything. The only clearing that i've ever done from in the box seems to be done automatically by my defenders!!
                      I have two Pads. A WIngman Rumble Pad and a dual analog PSX Pad with a PSX-USB adapter. The PSX pad has nothing mapped to the right analog, and the default WInXP drivers for it don't let u map anything, though they let you test the button presses of all the controls. My WIngman Rumblepad seems to have the right analog mapped, though it doesn't seem to work in game evrytime I use it. If I stand still and press down/up, the player moves in that direction while kicking the ball, kinda like a short speed bust while kciking the ball slightly forward. This works 100% of the time. However, the other directions do not do anything except in certain instances when I am attacked by a defender, sometimes the player does a leg fake, sometimes a 180 and sometimes nothing, he gets the ball stolen. I thought maybe the computer just did dribble moves for you sometimes or with certain players, but when I do not wiggle the right analog, they never do anymoves so I can confirm that the right stick does do dribble moves somewhat. With your pad marc, does your dribbling happen all the time or only in certain instances? And do you get rumble in the game because I don't, only at the start of the game, my pad rumbles at the first screen, after that I get no rumble. DO your dribbling tactics work 100% of the time or only in certain situation. Like if y ou stand still and hit a certain direction, does your player do dribble moves because mine doesn't. It's only if you encounter a defender or you are being attacked that it "SOmetimes" works though certain players it happens more times than others.

                      Also, what happened to the arrows for taking Goal Kicks/Corner Kicks?? How can you place the ball when taking corner kicks if there is no directional arrow? And anyone know how to spin the ball????


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                        I have bought Fifa 2003 a week ago and it took me some time to figure it out. (I am talking about the PC version)
                        SPACE is the trick button and it works when your player is just near the opponent. For sure it works if you double tap it, but I think it can be done with only one touch. It doesn't mean that you go right through, but you can see your player trying some amazing moves and sometimes it is a delight to see him go through 2 defenders and score.
                        For overhead kicks you have to hold A.

                        I don't know if it is possible to curl the shots. Beacause they keep missing from right outside the box when I try to shoot in the opposite side of the net. And it was nobody in front and...Raul. I even put a control on the other side and kept trying to score without the defenders bothering me too much ) ...and nothing. So I think maybe you have to curl the ball. If you know something please let me know. Thanks!


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                          i wish people would read the damn manual that came with the game...maybe then we wouldn't have to answer n00b questions like:

                          "why does my player just kick the ball forward when i press the right analog forward?!"

                          come on people!!!


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                            Cool features with the right analog stick. I was playing a game and while retardedly rushing right into a defender with Zidane (I'm still getting used to the sprint control okay?!), I tapped the right analog stick forward. That sly bastard spun right around the defender and deftly booted the ball in! Anyone else stumble across crazy moves like this? Is that one reserved for Zidane/good strikers only and how do I do them again?


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                              Originally posted by Dan77
                              I even put a control on the other side and kept trying to score without the defenders bothering me too much ) ...and nothing. So I think maybe you have to curl the ball. If you know something please let me know. Thanks!
                              I think the shooting control is touchier than ever. I do know that you have to direct your shot towards the goal in the same way that you would use the "pass through" button. I would recommend pointing more towards the middle of the goal and gunning it (not too much of course ).


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                                Once when I was playing with the mighty spurs I did an easy pass to Robbie Keane and kinda pressed shoot and held it past the red and he scored.:Bow:
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