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  • Fifa.fat not found?

    i instaled fifa 10 and i cant start it. When i try to open cm10 i get message fifa.fat not found. i try with fifamania regenerator, fat regenerator but nothing work. Can someon help me?

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    Your FIFA 10 is pirated version or original version? In most of the pirated versions CM won't work. If your FIFA 10 has problem with registry file, then try to open CM/ Files/ Select all [instead of open FIFA 10] and then your CM 10 will be able to open FIFA 10.
    Try to update your graphics drivers as well as directx.
    Originally posted by 4ndr3i
    So someone had the audacity to neg me in this thread.

    This is unacceptable!!! You have 24 hours to come clean and apologize and be all like "Sorry Andrei, won't happen again.. I messed up.. wanted it to be green.. etc"

    If not I will do my own investigation and will show no mercy for the unfortunate soul. I already have a list of suspects.


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