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How do you manage squads over time?

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  • How do you manage squads over time?

    For those who play Fifa 10 (PC) regularly, how do you manage the squads as time goes on? (for exhibition mode) like for club squads like Man United, or Real Madrid? Do you have multiple versions of the same squad?

    Like when the game came out, there was a 2009 version of Man United in the game. Now it's 2013. Do you just keep updating that original team, with trades and created players (via CM10) or what?

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a 2009 Man United and a 2013 Man United team in the same DB? Or would it cause problems to have two of the same team installed at the same time and you'd rather just update the team?

    I ask this because sometimes I kind of like playing with the 2009 version of the team, but sometimes I wish to do a match with the same players as I watch on TV. (like i watched West Ham vs Man U today) how accurate are your rosters? In Fifa 10 PC it can get a bit confusing with the My Squads file and CM10, when you start adding new players to a team. and i thought it might be easier to just create a second version of the team with new players so it's up to date in 2013.