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Best CPU tactics / team styles

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  • Best CPU tactics / team styles

    When playing against the CPU, which teams give you a tough challenge? which cpu team plays the most realistically like what would see in a real match?

    which combination of team tactics sliders (in CM10) and team styles provide the best cpu buildup? each team has different team tactics sliders (in CM10) and team styles that affect how they play. in fifa 10 pc, do you notice if some teams have very basic buildup (running straight forward into easy tackles) where other teams have more well thought out passing and offensive buildup?

    Can we make a list of the squads in fifa 10 pc give you the toughest most realistic challenge? how about a list of which team tactics sliders and team styles those squads use and make for unpredictable matches vs cpu teams. maybe there is an optimal team strategy that works best with the a.i. and avoids the glitches and exploits seen on some tactics / team styles when playing vs the cpu team.