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Does FIFA 10 work on Windows 8?

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  • Does FIFA 10 work on Windows 8?

    I have installed FIFA 10 and also installed Kahn-Titans 2012/13 Megapatch and the game initially works great. However, the game then begins stuttering after 4 minutes of playing, i.e. the framerate becomes slower and slower.
    I have the following specs
    Windows 8
    Nvidia GeForce 635M
    4.0GB RAM
    Intel Core i7-3517U 2.4GHz processor

    Could someone please tell me if this can be fixed?

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    i have the same problem after i install the game.i cannot start it from the start menu ..i have to go back to the location where i installed it..but after some time the game hangs and i cannot play...can some one help me.

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      windows 8 wasn't designed for gaming... it was designed for social networking basically... i have windows 8 and fifa 10,11 12 and 13 works fine... but if u want good gaming performance i strongly suggest you use Windows 7...