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My FIFA 10 has not been properly authenticated

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  • My FIFA 10 has not been properly authenticated

    My fifa is working but after I finish the 1st season in manager mode a message appear (Oops! it appears that your version of FIFA 10 has not been proprely authenticated. You can get a version of FIFA 10 that can be authenticated from EASTORE.COM. If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact Customer Service.) how do i solve this problem? please help me.

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    try to reinstall fifa


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      close this thread

      Solution download fifa 10 reloaded crack take exe file and dll file and copy and paste it to game folder


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        I have the same problem but in a more complicated way.

        I have a legal version of FIFA 10 which I've been running for some years. In order to stop wearing out the DVD, I installed a no-dvd patch earlier this year.

        Then I discovered the problem mentioned in the post above. So I re-installed the game, re-installed my "data" map (with changes I've been doing with CM10) plus the no-dvd patch and everything worked fine.

        Now I have discovered that the problem is back for some strange reason. OK, I can run the series I've created but I can't play any friendly games because that silly "properly authenticated" crap shows up.

        And it's essential to be able to play friendly games when I've installed new kits or similar stuff.

        How do I solve this. Please, no replies such as "re-install the game" because I don't want to re-install the game over and over again for every slight little change I make.

        Is there any patch or crack I can download which helps me to get rid of this problem permanently?

        In that case, please give me the address to a decent download site where my computer don't have to be infected with a certain amounts of viruses which just "happens" to follow the download. I don't want to experience that again.

        Or should I write Customer Service and tell them "I do have a legal version with license No: xxxxxwhatever but I'm using a no-DVD patch so please help me to remove whatever blocks the game"?

        Or what?
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          *** Coming soon ***

          FIFA 10 GOLDPATCH
          Season 16/17

          maybe followed by Season 17/18

          Have a look at my thread in this forum