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Tons of FIFA 09 patches!

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  • Tons of FIFA 09 patches!

    Hi everyone. I have a good few GB of patches for FIFA 09. I'm happy to post them but there's only 1 problem - there's no creation manager 09 in 64-bit. Most people noadays have modern laptops etc. If anyone can get hold of a CM09x64 i'll be very grateful, and I can post all the patches I have in a nice compressed file somewhere, but at the moment, they are pretty useless

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    What patches do you have?

    EDIT- just found a working download...go to the link above and click on the hyperlink in the side menu underneath the download stats
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      I have tons. RPL 09, Serbian League, Baltic Leagues, Romanian Leagues .exe files. FIFA 09 Megapatch, .cmp patches for German, French 3rd divisions and Japaneese league, logo patches, kitpacks, and Creation Master 09 but only works on 32-bit

      Is the link you posted work with 64-bit machines? Also i see no CM for FIFA 09, only as far back as FIFA 10


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        Yes, it works on Windows 7/8. Just run as admin

        can you post a download link for the Baltic Regions Patch?


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          sure i have the baltic patch too but your link to CM09 x64 is non-existant so i can't test any of it out


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            I sent you a pm asking for your e-mail so I could send it to you via google drive, but you never responded.


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              liar lol
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