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I think I just discovered a big, bad BUG in MM! Can someone help??

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  • I think I just discovered a big, bad BUG in MM! Can someone help??

    I started an MM with Bradford City in league 2 and after three successive promotions, ended up in the premier league. Here's how my Manager History page looks like:


    Anyone noticed the strangeness here? The 2010 - 2011 season is MISSING!!!

    So, I'm in my fourth season and I should be playing in 2011-2012, but somehow when I got promoted from League 1 to the Championship one full year got omitted. This is probably because of an overlap bug between the League 1/2 and Championship fixture calendars (in league one, my friendlies got played at the end of the season, instead of pre-season)...

    Now, the problem is all my fantastic young prospects are not so young anymore and their maximum potential ratings have come down a notch to conform to their growth curves. For e.g., the player who was going to grow to 87 at 26 yrs old, now levels out at 86 at 27 yrs old (reaches potential too late, so stops growing)...! Also, another minor issue is their contracts now end one year earlier... This didn't just happen this once, it's happened in every other save of mine where I've gotten a team promoted (even from the championship to premier league)...

    I have tried using Internal Master to edit the dates, but I can't find what to edit. Editing the manager history table edits just the manager history page. Can anyone help me with this? I need to set the game-date back one year...

    P.S.: Outsider87 & Krystian82, if you're out there, I know you made calendar evo 09, maybe you guys know how to edit the gamedate??