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I need some information about FIFA 2009

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  • I need some information about FIFA 2009

    I've been playing FIFA 2005 for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the CD is getting a bit worn-out and since it seems impossible to find another FIFA 2005 CD to buy anywhere, I might give FIFA 2009 a chance. However, there are a few things I need to know:

    1) Is there a good editor availabe (something like Creation Center for FIFA 2005) which makes it possible to edit player names, team names, faces and such and also import kits, banners, team logos and similar items?

    2) Where can I find good kit templates and banner templates for FIFA 2009?

    3) Is there more difficult to make kits and add them into the game than it was for FIFA 2005?

    4) Is it possible to edit kits, team names, player names and such without the game crashing?

    5) Is it possible to convert FIFA 2005 kits to FIFA 2009 kits?

    6) How many international leagues are there in FIFA 2009?

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    come on guys, plz answer! i also need to know