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  • World National Patch 09 by gigis1

    I was very doubtful whether to post this patch here or not... Mainly because I have a great respect of Robbie work and I did not want to give him the impression that this patch was made with the purpose of competing with his patch. But, at the end, I realized that the WNP was made also for FIFA 08, that is quite a tradition and that Robbie knows very well that I can help him whenever he need, but that I had absolutely no time to help him more than with cinematics. I could have done the "Mode" patch for him, but I would have delayed the patch another time and I don't even know for how much time (too much amibition for a project like that, I could not make a simple mode setup like this one)!
    Moreover this patch started, this year, with the simple will of a single man, gigis1, to update the last year patch. Only when he realized that the work was going well, he decided to pubblish it!
    What I have done, at the end, is a simple setup with mode installation. So here you are the World National Patch 09, a patch that has absolutely less quality than Robbie's one, but count on two main points:
    - less heavy patch (but, because it is a mode, you need at least 4 Gb of free space in your HD)
    - this is a MODE, it will not touch your fifa main game (so you can install both patches, Robbie's and gigis1's)!

    Moreover, if you want, you can also play with the patch in online direct IP using the patch. So let's go to the features:

    Website: Fifamania



    >> Features <<
    208 international teams
    6 continental all stars teams to unlock (in the "World League" league)
    32 international teams of World Cup 06
    Cinematics Patch
    Ac12 Gameplay 2.0
    Referees Patch (with also non-european referees)
    All Fifamania SP faces
    738 Kits
    492 Minikits
    492 Logos
    252 Flags
    20 Tournaments
    4982 Players with minifaces
    9 Stadiums
    4 Languages available: italian, english, german, french

    >> Stadiums <<
    1) Generic - Polynesia
    2) Generic - Africa
    3) Generic - Desert
    4) Generic - Jungle
    5) Generic - Tropics
    6) Stade de Suisse - Bern
    7) Ernst Happel - Wien
    8) Yokohama International Stadium
    9) Loftus Stadium

    >> Tournaments <<
    1) FIFA Road to World Cup 2010 (Europe, Asia, South-America, Oceania)
    2) FIFA Road to World Cup 2010 (Europe, Africa, South-America, Oceania)
    3) FIFA Road to World Cup 2010 (Europe, North-America, South-America, Oceania)
    4) UEFA European Championship
    5) AFC Asian Cup
    6) CAF African Nations Cup
    7) CONCACAF Gold Cup
    8) CONMEBOL Copa America
    9) OFC Nations Cup
    10) FIFA Confederation Cup 2009
    11) UNCAF Cup
    12) CFU Caribbean Cup
    13) UAFA Arab Nations Cup
    14) UAFA Gulf Cup
    15) British Championship
    16) ASEAN Suzuki Cup
    17) EAFF Championship
    18) WAFF Championship
    19) SAFF Championship
    20) FIFA World Cup 2006

    In the setup info you can find also the names of all the national teams.

    >> How to start playing <<
    It's very easy: just run the "WNP09" shortcut you find in the desktop and then press "START" on the WNP-Launcher program.

    NOTE: If you encounter a crash when you try to exit the game, please use the "WNP09+F12" shortcut. When you press on "START" another program will start and will let you close the game in any moment you want just pressing for a second the F12 button. Remember that this version of the program requires the Net Framework 3.5 and could not be compatible with 64bit machines.

    NOTE2: if you want to edit the patch with Creation Master 09, just open the "WNP09" shortcut and then press on "CM 09". The first time you run it, you will be asked to give the program the position of the Creation Master 09 or its shortcut. The following times it will be opened from that position without asking you another time.

    >> Authors <<
    Idea, Main Author: gigis1
    Database: gigis1, Outsider 87
    Kits Home/Away/GK: gigis1
    Flags: gigis1
    Aldboard: gigis1
    Menu and ingame logos: gigis1
    Minikits Home/Away: gigis1
    Tournaments: gigis1
    Cinematics Patch: Outsider 87, Krystian82
    Gameplay: ac12
    Puma Fonts: Adrioliv, thelordspawn
    Faces: EddieGuerrero, ac12, TeneCee, aNuKe, Haness, peppe25, Stankan, victorelessar, JaviSvMusic
    Stadiums: Turco78, guimattoss (PES conversion), Outsider 87
    Referees Patch: Outsider 87, EddieGuerrero, nazarenooviedo, Mauri1960
    Referees Kits: fifadome
    Programs: Outsider 87, Krystian82
    Setup: Outsider 87

    Here I am.


    1) New tournaments added:

    Confederation Cup 2009 - Updated with real rosters, minikits and kits
    European Championship U21 - 2009 - With all the 8 U21 national teams playing the tournament
    Scandinavian Championship
    Mediterranean Games
    SSSR Championship
    Balkan Cup
    Baltic Cup

    2) New teams added (with all graphic items):
    Bielorussia U21
    Finlandia U21
    Germania U21
    Inghilterra U21
    Italia U21
    Serbia U21
    Spagna U21
    Svezia U21

    Brasile - Confederation Cup 2009
    Egitto - Confederation Cup 2009
    Iraq - Confederation Cup 2009
    Italia - Confederation Cup 2009
    Nuova Zelanda - Confederation Cup 2009
    Spagna - Confederation Cup 2009
    Stati Uniti - Confederation Cup 2009
    Sudafrica - Confederation Cup 2009

    3) Added the Dutch (Holland) Language
    4) Deleted all tournaments from "Rest of World" country and divided into:
    Tournaments: World
    Tournaments: Continental
    Tournaments: Minor
    Tournaments: Generic

    5) Added other 229 Players and minifaces

    6) Added the "Legendary" difficulty buyable in the Fan Shop with cost "0".

    7) Fixed double El-Hadary

    8) Fixed Howard (USA Goalkeeper) skin tone


    Added the Confederations Cup popups by MonkeyDragon (


    Last edited by Outsider 87; 31-07-2009, 01:38:PM.
    Email Address: [email protected]
    download Patch Holly & Benji Fifa 08

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    Great patch, thanks!!!!


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      National Teams patches unleashed!

      Thank you guys for this great patch....that's the way a NT patch should be! a Mode!
      La Grande Inter 1908-Per Sempre


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        Great patch, must have been a lot of hard work!


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          Hi Outsider, congrats on your release! Do you have a fat/bh regnerator that i can use for my patch?


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            I think you can use the FifaMania Regenerator 09 for your patch from him


            • #8
              When I try to use it i have a crash.


              • #10
                Great patch!!!
                Another "Must Have"


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                  Originally posted by RobbieD_PL View Post
                  When I try to use it i have a crash.
                  Could it be "fifa.fat" limit?


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                    fifamania fan . . .

                    remarcable work...i am a big fan of your work!fifamania=the best fifa site


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                      Great patch so far. Trying to make it to the World Cup finals with NZ.


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                        Originally posted by Outsider 87 View Post
                        Where and when?
                        Well its the regenerator itself that crashes, it only gets to around 3/4 of the green bar and then it finds an error. Then when i go to play the game, my FIFA crashes at the "Press Any Key" screen


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                          Originally posted by arcadeshadow View Post
                          Could it be "fifa.fat" limit?
                          No the FAT Controller says everything is fine. I've had this crashing bug from the fat regenerator ever since the first time i used the program.