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    i think you have right
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      I bought FIFA09 some weeks ago and also discovered this fantastic patch around the same time. So I downloaded it and I'm very happy over the possibilities to play with national teams again and pleasantly surprised over the high quality of kits, player portraits and everything. Finally I've found something which can replace my beloved (and missed) FIFA 98 RTWC.

      So thanks for an excellent patch and for all the efforts which are put down in making it.

      I'm also happy over the possibility to edit the game. As we all know, line-ups constantly changes and i a mnew star shows up in some national team or if some kits are altered, there must be a possibility to keep such things up to date.

      So far no serious bugs as I can see but I've noticed two peculiar things.

      One of the Generic Square closed scenarios has the stadium totally removed. It looks like the players are playing on a grass field somewhere out in a dark field with no spectators, adboards or anything. I guess that it's in the "sunset mode" because since I removed that option, I haven't encountered that problem. Is it possible to correct that by importing some file which will show the correct background?

      I've started a "Road To World Cup" competition with some European, Sout American and African teams. However, in the first stage of the African tournament, I can see no player statistics for any player. It's like none of them have played any games despite three rounds being played (the South American and European qualifications haven't started yet). is this some bug or will it start working as soon as all qualification tournaments have started?

      Anyway, thanks again for an excellent patch!


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        Originally posted by Andreasmax View Post
        Great patch, thanks!!!!
        National Teams patches unleashed!

        Thank you guys for this great patch....that's the way a NT patch should be! a Mode!
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          Please, update links of Update 1 and Update 2