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  • Championnat National de France Patch

    Hello, my name is Sébastien, I am 18 years old, was born in Cannes (France), but I live in Barcelona (Spain).

    I'm a fan of football, my favorite teams are the AS Cannes and Girondins de Bordeaux, now living in Spain, I am also a follower of FC Barcelona.

    I like to edit FIFA Soccer, FIFA 09 is a great game...

    Well, the fact is that I'm working to create a patch to add the French Championnat National (third division) to our FIFA 09.

    I already have logos, adboards, flags, but I am not doing very good kits, so I came to this website, I need a good kitmaker that you want to help me

    I hope any response to start working with my fantastic kits patch ...

    Sorry if I spoke bad english, I speak only French and Spanish

    Salutations à tous!
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    hy my french friend! i think that here you will find support for your project, but first you should do a list with the other teams from 3-rd French League who needs Kits. you can also put pictures of their real kits, and i'm sure that someone will feedback.
    La Grande Inter 1908-Per Sempre


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      No comments? Very sad

      Nobody can help me?

      I expect an answer to post photos, because I need to know if someone is going to help me


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        Peut-être ceci va t'aider un peu?
        Here the link
        (note:its rinaldo's programm)
        Gambia-Luxembourg 0-1
        Belarus-Luxembourg 0-1
        Switzerland-Luxembourg 1-2
        GO LEWECK!!!
        Visit FIFA 10 Letzebuerg(luxembourgish) Facebook Group!/group.php...9604097&ref=ts


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          Originally posted by gormond View Post
          No comments? Very sad

          Nobody can help me?

          I expect an answer to post photos, because I need to know if someone is going to help me
          Salut l'ami. fais un tour ici :
          Un gros patch qui contient le national. Tu peux même y rajouter tes kits. Hope i help you. Bye.


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            Championnat National de France 2008/09 Patch for FIFA 09


            Championnat National de France 2008/09 with the following participating institutions:

            1. Athlétic Club Arlésien
            2. Aviron Bayonnais Football Club
            3. Association Sportive Beauvais Oise
            4. Association Sportive de Cannes
            5. Calais Racing Union Football Club
            6. Stade Olympique Cassis-Carnoux
            7. Association Sportive de Cherbourg Football
            8. Union Sportive Créteil-Lusitanos
            9. Olympique Croix-de-Savoie 74
            10. Football Club de Gueugnon
            11. Football Club Istres Ouest Provence
            12. Stade Lavallois Mayenne Football Club
            13. FC Libourne-Saint-Seurin
            14. Club Sportif Louhans-Cuiseaux
            15. Chamois Niortais Football Club
            16. Pacy Vallée-d'Eure Football
            17. Paris Football Club
            18. Rodez Aveyron Football
            19. L' Entente Sannois Saint-Gratien
            20. Football Club de Sète 34

            Club squads have been updated to the 2009 Winter Market

            Graphics Features:

            1. Home, Away and Goalkeeper kits for all the teams
            2. Home and Away minikits for all the teams
            3. High Quality Menu and Ingame Logos for all the teams
            4. Official or Generic Adboards for all the teams
            5. Real Flags for all the teams


            Tournaments professionals of France (Ligue 1 and Ligue 2) with standard calendar and updated correctly (correct classification for the European Cups and relegation between the Ligue 2 and Le National)
            New tournament (Le National Championship) with standard calendar and with possibility of promotion for the 3 best of the season.
            Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue de France fully updated, allowing the participation of teams from the National, with a realistic format competition.


            * Roster: Sébastien Gormond.
            * Kits: Rasec_Aznadra, Poblanop, Truzax y Danker19.
            * Minikits: Rasec Aznadra y Spidermex.
            * Logos: Sébastien Gormond.
            * Flags: Sébastien Gormond.
            * Adboards: Sébastien Gormond.
            * Boots: Golbat.
            * Edition Program: Rinaldo Zocca.
            * Special Thanks to FifaMexico for your held y support.

            Total or partial reproduction of this program and/or its files are strictly prohibited unless permission for such action is given by the author.
            Unauthorized commercial reproduction or distribution of FIFA 09 or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

            To report any bugs or suggestions for improvements to this patch, please write to:
            [email protected]



            Note: The default installation directory is CProgram Files\EA Sports\FIFA 09. Please, for the proper functioning of the patch, install in CProgram Files\EA Sports\FIFA 09\data


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              if you have good pics i can make faces for you
              Here you will find all my faces!!!

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              MY 10 THREAD
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              MY 13 THREAD

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                  THFC 4 LIFE


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                    Congratulations on what is a very accomplished and thoroughly detailed patch. I know you are disappointed by the lack of responses your work has attracted so far, but I suspect most gamers will view this patch as an opportunity to add promoted clubs Arles, Istres and Laval to the French 2nd Division. Don't be too disheartened.


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                      well.. most of the user surf the editing forum


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                        can anybody re-upload this one.


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                          Alguien podria pasarme los kits y minikits?

                          PLease u.u


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                            Re-upload Please!

                            si volviera a reencarnar en otra vida, no se por donde viviría, de que iría a trabajar, pero seguro de River yo sería!! ♫♫

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