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CEP 6.0: The Revolution

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    Originally posted by Gavatron View Post
    I was going to write a laborious psych evaluation of mogolos to perhaps explain his stance but instead I can summarise the attitude in 2 words :

    Miserable f*ck
    My poor friend,
    Have u got the educational base to communicate in a more polite/kind way or not? You know that the most easy way, especially for kids being grown up in an immature way is to be inexpensively ironic or use words according to their mental level, so it is in your hand if You 'll change your mode of writing or you 'll continue spelling words like a Monkey who believes that is a human being.
    You started this one, I protect myself.
    Anyway, keep it go my friend, but instead of my name write your one. I will be useful for your doctor in future!

    best regards,

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    kit and minikit templates: http:here

    Que se lixe a troika


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      Guys - stop the fighting.


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        i'd love to retort but I don't speak tard. sorry...


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          Oh, blyat! ffs X(


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            The flags Billy made for Serie C2 and C1 better not be in it too, because else CEP is no different than F4Fans too. Those take others work and release patches without authorisation too.


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              Originally posted by =Ultra= View Post
              The flags Billy made for Serie C2 and C1 better not be in it too, because else CEP is no different than F4Fans too. Those take others work and release patches without authorisation too.
              Wah wah, let others use your work, we are all on the same team here, we all want a better FIFA to play.
              --Article 4--


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                kit and minikit templates: http:here

                Que se lixe a troika


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                  This is Secco <lol2>

                  why he wearing Juve kits :?

                  I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold.


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                    cos he's really weird ?


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                      Mogolos, thanks for making me spill my coffee all over my screen. ROFLMAO


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                        Im in mood today. Im so laughing from mogolos and Esstery's chat. Realy funny . But i dont understand the point of this ? Mogolos, are you gonna make peace in world? Just let people do what they want to! All are free!! Please let the people do patches etc etc. Be happy!



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                          This is for fifa 09 right?

                          I mean it is only 2 months away
                          CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 08/09 in FIFA 09!!!



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                            Originally posted by snoppf1 View Post
                            This is for fifa 09 right?

                            I mean it is only 2 months away
                            No its for 08
                            --Article 4--


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                              CEP 6.0: The Revolution.

                              League continents:

                              UEFA(not completed):

                              Iceland Landsbankkadeild
                              Iceland 1.Deild Karla
                              Faroer Formuladeildin
                              Sweden AllSvenskan
                              Sweden Superettan
                              Sweden Division 1 Norra
                              Sweden Division 1 Sodra
                              Norway Tippeligaen
                              Norway Adeccoligaen
                              Norway 2.Division Avd. 1, 2, 3 and 4
                              Finland Veikkausliga
                              Finland Ykkönen
                              Denmark SAS Ligaen
                              Denmark Viasat Ligaen
                              Denmark 2.Division Ost
                              Denmark 2.Divisioin West
                              England Barclaycard PremierLeague
                              England Football Championship
                              England FA League One
                              England FA League Two
                              England BlueSquare Premier
                              England BlueSquare North
                              England BlueSquare South
                              Ireland Eircom League
                              Ireland Irish First Division
                              Scotland SPL
                              Scotland IrnBru First
                              Scotland IrnBru Second
                              Scotland IrnBru Third
                              Scotland HighLand League
                              Wales Welsh Premier League
                              Northern Ireland Carnegie Premier
                              Northern Ireland Carngie First
                              Portugal Liga Sagres (ex BWin liga)
                              Portugal Liga Vitalis
                              Spain La Liga Primera Division
                              Spain Liga BBVA
                              Spain Segunda B Grupos I, II, III, IV
                              Italy Serie A TIM
                              Italy Serie B TIM
                              Italy Serie C1 A, B
                              Italy Serie C2 A, B, C
                              Malta Maltese PremierLeague
                              San Marino Campeonato
                              Andorra Lliga de Primera
                              Germany 1.Bundesliga
                              Germany 2.Bundesliga
                              Germany 3.Bundesliga
                              Germany Regionalliga Nord, South and East, each with 18 clubs.
                              Netherlands Eredivisie
                              Netherlands Jupiler League
                              Netherlands Hoofdklasse
                              Belgium Jupiler League
                              Belgium Tweede Klasse
                              Belgium Derde Klasse A and B
                              Luxemburg National Division
                              Luxemburg Division d'Honneur
                              France Ligue 1
                              France Ligue 2
                              France Le National
                              France CFA 1 Groupes 1, 2, 3 and 4
                              Switzerland AXPO Superleague
                              Switzerland Challenge League
                              Austria T Mobile Bundesliga
                              Austria Red Zac ERste Liga
                              Austria Regionalliga
                              Czech Rep. Gambrinus Liga
                              Czech Rep. Druha Liga
                              Czech Rep. CFL League


                              Egypt Etisalat League
                              Algeria Championnat National
                              Morocco GNFE 1
                              Tunisia Ligue Professionelle
                              South Africa Premier Soccer League
                              CAF Champion's League
                              CAF Confederation Cup.


                              Japan J League 1
                              Japan J League 2
                              South Korea K League
                              Hong Kong Premier League
                              China Chinese SuperLeague
                              China JIA League*
                              Singapore S League*
                              India NFL India 1
                              India NFL India 2
                              Iran Premier League
                              Saudi Arabia League
                              Malaysia Premier League*
                              Vietnam V-League*
                              Thailand Thai PremierLeague*
                              Qatar Qatari League*
                              Australia Hyundai A League

                              New Zealand NZFC


                              USA Major League Soccer
                              USA USL 1
                              USA USL 2
                              Mexico Primera Division Mexicana
                              Mexico Primera A
                              Mexico Segunda Division
                              Canada Canadian Soccer League
                              Costa Rica Primera Division
                              Guatemala Liga Guatemalteca
                              Honduras Liga Nacional LINA
                              El Salvador Primera Division


                              Brazil Brasilerao A
                              Brazil Brasilerao B
                              Brazil Brasilerao C
                              Brazil Brasilerao D
                              Brazil Statal leagues
                              Argentina Primera Division
                              Argentina Segunda Division
                              Argentina Primera B
                              Argentina Liga Metropoletana
                              Venezuela Primera Venezolana
                              Venezuela Segunda Division
                              Venezuela Tercera Division
                              Colombia Copa Mustang A
                              Colombia Copa Mustang B
                              Uruguay Primera Division
                              Uruguay Segunda Division
                              Chile Liga Chilena Primera
                              Chile Liga Chilena Segunda
                              Peru Primera Division
                              Paraguay Primera Division
                              Bolivia Copa Aerosur
                              Ecuador Serie A Ecuadorana

                              * are waiting for the kits and latest cmps

                              - Patch for FIFA 08. Will be released in about August end/September start
                              - All rosters have been accorded to 31/01/08 from all leagues with Creation Master 08
                              - All 2GK Kits in new 08 format
                              - All minikits converted from FM SS08 template.
                              - All E2G Glassy logos converted for all leagues
                              - 512 Stadiums downloaded or converted from PES
                              - Not crypted patch
                              - About 4GB zipped with 7zip splited in 400 mb parts.
                              - Rosters update will be released when all summer transfers will be done for major leagues
                              - Chants for some major leagues
                              - Patch will be converted to FIFA 09 format using proper tools.
                              - Some very minor leagues will have generic kits with team colours and logo.

                              - Now doing: Finishing .db file
                              - Needed help in: minikits SS08 convertion, kits for some lower leagues

                              Remember, main boss now is Esstery88 not OckHam. He left team, who means CEP will have some quality. For more info - stay tuned.


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                                Great informations myx.....thanks mate !!!!