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  • Patches in .cmp format

    The goal of this thread is to promote the distribution of patches in .cmp format. If you are a patchmaker and you already have a .cmp patch post a link here. If you are the author of a patch in a "traditional" format, I am available to give you advise on how to convert it in cmp format or I can do it for you, with your permission.

    Bolivia Liga Boliviana by FIFA Bolivia
    El Salvador by Samuel JuŠrez
    England Premier League by Fifa 4 Fans
    Germany 1. Bundesliga by FIFADome
    Germany 2. Bundesliga by FIFADome
    Germany 3rd Bundesliga by Generic Oval
    Greece 3 greek divisions by Mogolos
    Italy Serie A and Serie B by
    Mexico Clausura 08 + Primera A by Slipknot and Shijo
    Uruguay Liga Uruguaya by SMF Fede, Sebas and Arius Password for the archive: manya

    UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2007/2008 by Fifa 4 Fans
    Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania Champions Leagues by NaFeR
    Copa Libertadores by SMF Fede and friends. Password for the archive: manya

    USSR classic team by Onasis converted by abyss32
    ASEC Abidjan by MancoBlanco
    Teams by Fifa 4 Fans: Austria Salzburg Germany U21 Ivory Coast Ghana

    Hidden Players by Savuz: all the players with a specific face in FIFA 08 but not listed in the database
    Classic players by Yanush: Zidane Suker Batistuta Baggio Bergkamp Maradona Eusebio Di Stefano Rijkard Van Basten Cruijff Deyna Tomaszewsky Romario Puskas Platini Pelť Muller Yashin Valderrama Kempes Lato

    German Stadiums by Fifa 4 Fans
    Argentinian Stadiums extracted by NaFeR from the Ligas Argentina Patch

    Street Cup by Fifa 4 Fans
    World League by Fifa 4 Fans

    Formations more generic formations, all with realistic offensive and defensive movements.
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    this thread should be sticky!
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      sounds great and i agree with mogolos


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        There are hundreds of files on my filefront at the moment including patches for every fifa affilated national side in the world. It is fairly well organized so I'll just link the main page of my file front and you can find what you want from there or PM me or stop by my thread if you have questions or requests.

        This was designed for 07 so Kits will not transfer over from the origional version. Some are still being made but logos, rosters, flags and other information are all 100% complete for the 08 transfer.

        All of these files are available for you to download and edit then rerelease as you please as a part of your own patch if you feel the need. I would appreciate that you mention the source for the content. Any information you can provide me about these patches is also appreciated.


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          let us know when you have them all converted liioadin
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            I'm not working on the kits at all. Other than kits every other aspect of the origional 07 patches will import directly into 08. Mongolos has some nice templates that would work as generic kits until others are made. But I'm still playing and editing 07 so that's where my focus needs to be.


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              kits should not be a problem, as many of those less known NTs are made by numerous of kitmakers like...maybe i won't mention names as i don't wanna omit anyone.
              However Slovakia, Andorra, Iceland, Jamaika, India even Vietnam and Tybet as well as many more are already done
              All we should do is to update the quick search thread in Kits Forum
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                well, to make things move forward, first of all million thanks to Rinaldo. it is obvious that no CM means no Mogolos Patch!!!!!!

                second :

                Mogolos Ultimate Patch v1 now and in cmp files!!!!!!!!!!

                installation instructions


                vale prota to > country kane save, kleise.
                anoixe to cm, vale superleague, min pirazeis tipota otan teleiosei, kane save, kleise.
                anoixe to cm ki apomakryne apo to rest of world tis ellinikes, kane save kai kleise.
                epanalave ti diadikasia eisagogis kai me ton idio tropo me ti B Ethniki k tis alles dyo leagues, prota South kai meta North.
                meta vale tis tournament, edo mas endiaferei na bei to eec kai efa, oi alles dyo exoun bei noritera. save kai kleise.
                tora anoixe to cm, pigene se kathe elliniki tournament xorista kai pata sto pinaka dexia "get teams from tournament" sto telos kane save k kleise. na eisai prosektikos se dyo pragmata: proton na yparxei sosti antistoixisi league--->tournament kai antistrofa kai defteron na yparxei eikona me to tropaio, giati kata ena periergo logo merikes fores to cm "troei" to tropaio me apotelesma na freezarei i othoni tou paignidiou kai na kaneis epanekkinisi tou pc, lol


                insert first country.cmp, save and close
                2) open cm again, insert Superleague, when finish do not do ANYTHING, save and close.
                3) open cm and remove Olympiakos, AEK and Thessaloniki from Rest of World Tournament. then save and close.
                4) insert in the same way Greek C south first.'
                5) insert in the same way Greek C North second.
                6) open the tournaments.cmp but insert only EEC, EFA and greek cup. save and close
                7) go to each tournament u have just inserted and press the button "take teams from league". be also sure that the proper league ID joins the proper League ID. this section is very important for the good running of the project!!!!!!!!!!
                be sure that each new tournament u createt has its own trophy, otherwise put one from other tournaments, sometimes cm does't insert a trophy image and the game freezes!!!!

                of course these advice r for those have not installed any other kind of cmp file added. If u have added material it is in ur hand and depends on u the way u will add this material.
                proud to make Fifa world richer and richer.

                DOWNLOAD LINK IN 1 HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Mogolos, Greece, March 2008
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                  well, here it is Greek Ultimate Patch v1 in cmp format!!!!!

                  DOWNLOAD HERE

                  Fully up to date the 3 greek divisions, greek cup and other goodies, more details in my kit thread!
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                    Hello Rinaldo,

                    Just to ask U some information about cmp...

                    1st that really useful to transer a pack of datas to other users....

                    BUT when someone is offering a big pack *.cmp, sometimes I am just interested by only a part of the dats included and I'am affraid to loose some other specific datas I want to keep...

                    My question is : is it possible to recompose all detailed files contained in a cmp patch before dowloading it....

                    Example : if I downlood a Face Patch in *.cmp format, could I first check or recompose the *.o files ... in order to choose the only part I want to use?

                    Thk for your prompt answer.
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                      you ncan easyli decide which things you want to mport and which not. For eg if you want only few teams from the whole patch, than you need to uncheck all the rest on the list, and no problem. than you may also check/uncheck specific head models, teamplayerlinks, balls, kits, minikits etc.
                      hope i was clear enough, the easiest way to practice is by downloading few mr.liiodins *.cmp nationalk teams, and load one by one just checking after each what is going on (and before just back up your fifa.db
                      really helpfull and easy in use.
                      Good Luck
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                        I will keep the first post up to date when a new link is proposed.
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                          Originally posted by per75005 View Post
                          Example : if I downlood a Face Patch in *.cmp format, could I first check or recompose the *.o files ... in order to choose the only part I want to use?
                          cmp files are simply zip files so you can open and see its content using any unzip program
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                            Back to USSR patch made by Onasis

                            I'm not the author of this patch but I wanted to share with you - all the credits goes to "Onasis" from Russia - all I did is converting his .exe file to .cmp file

                            This very good patch contains :
                            - USSR team (roster : Lev Yashin, Oleg Blokhin, Bessonov, Khidyathulin, Aleinikov, Muntian, Dassayev....)
                            - Logo, flags & national anthem
                            - 2GK kits - home, away & keeper + minikits
                            - Minifaces
                            Made by: Onasis.

                            Here is the link :;.../fileinfo.html

                            Enjoy, and many thanks to Onasis - Matthieu from Thibie

                            PS : If peoples are interested I could upload others single complete team (kit, faces, logo, flags) in .cmp files - especially I have all the IsraŽl Premier League (IPL 08) and The Liga Leumit (2nd IsraŽl div.) in .cmp file (such as Maccabi Tel Aviv, Beitar Jerusalem, Happoel HaÔfa...) all made by
                            Last edited by abyss32; 21-03-2008, 10:31:PM.
                            Here you can find teams (Kits + Logos + roster) in .cmp files who are not originaly in FIFA 08 :
                            Cheers, Matthieu from Thibie


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                              EPL by Fifa4Fans: