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    I agree, this does sound like a good idea to do for FIFA 08 and its successors. If Rinaldo will make a Creation/Sound Master for FIFA 08, this will be so good.


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      There are many fifa patchmakers in this world. This is not a problem. The big problem(besides free time) is that there aren't many coordinators who must assemble all mini-patches(examples in SlowHand's post). If 3 or 4 experienced guys like Billy or Ockham would want to be the "chiefs" it would be great.

      I propose that at Fifa08 one of the coordinators will make a thread on these forums with subscribing, and then assign the work at every patchmaker:

      Fifa dome(German database)
      Fifa Underground(Romanian database)
      PkBomb(Barcelona, Chelsea, Lazio.....etc. kits)
      Keegan(all the boots)
      ^^something like this would be great

      then add all the files with CM08 and abracadabra a great huge patch!
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        August I think it's a waste of time for people to constantly keep remaking the same kit over and over again as well but, it won't ever stop. There's not much point. People enjoy making the kits for the big teams and fewer of us enjoy doing the "other kits".

        I don't think we need to get rid of threads for kitmakers entirely. But archiving them and stickying them is a great idea I think. Something similar to what I did with national team kits, only we could get the community more involved and get it updated more often. I get too busy to keep it current all of the time.

        Sticky's that provide links to each kit with the makers name next to it is probably a great way to make all of the kits available.

        And I think kitmakers should decide when they post their kits whether they are available for patchmakers, instead of having to try to contact them every time they should let us know up front, page one of their thread. Go ahead and decide. If they aren't sure they should let you know they want to be contacted and leave an active e-mail address incase they become inactive on the forums. Something to mention in a tutorial. I've had to have several kit's remade cause I can't get in touch with the makers.


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          so, i see that many guys have alot of ideas and a huge interest in changing the fifa editing and community. i dont think there's much to do for fifa 07,but i really do think we can make big changes for fifa 08, when we open that forum! so...

          - more tutorials!
          - a introduction about fifa editing including the rules!
          - a main fifa editing thread where patchmakers and graphics makers co-operate and maybe we get special kits/leagues to do so we wont see 10 man united kits next year..

          i think this can work, what do you think? another question, i can make kitmaking tutorials for sure, but what kind of tutorials do you want? explaining tutorials, step by step with screenshots OR video tutorials?

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            i believe step-by-step tutos with screens will be good enough
            the video-tutorials are the best but they are also heavy to up/download

            some tips also on a basic use of photoshop would be nice; like, first see the basics (maybe just a link for that), and then how to make a kit

            also a face making tuto, coz there are several guys that want themself on the game or a single player from pakistani 3rd division, or a classic player (i made a very bad batistuta with Crespo's .O model)
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              I can make a tutorial for beginners. Showing them how to use paint shop pro or other less expensive programs just to get started. I'm not an expert of course but I can make kits and feel I can easily teach that ability to others. So they can take the first step.

              I think we made a huge leap in 07 by making the "list of FIFA editing tools" thread. You have no idea how helpful it is to get them all in one place.


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                One thing that just came into my mind is to assign a specific league to each kitmaker. That way, we could get more kits and not have many already-done kits.


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                  come on guys... why is this thread been forgotten ?!

                  please firstable assign specific leagues to specific kitmakers like Tizmo said in previous post.

                  so, kitmakers over there, post here which leagueS you want to work on, so that we can have kitmakers for all the leagues.

                  And if we have enough kitmakers we can give a certain league to 2 or 3 kitmakers who can decide who will make which kits. --> less work per person and faster !!!!!
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                      I don't know what other people are working on National Teams. but. I'de like to run the national teams. At the moment I can make the kits that aren't already made (though the quality isn't top notch). I can do the roster editing and all of the asset work. I want to learn to make balls and stadiums. Boots i'm less worried about.

                      My goal at the moment is to release all 208 or so national teams along with East Timor, Montenegro, Martinique, and Guadeloupe (and maybe a few others).

                      After that is complete I want to work on getting the rosters very realistic. I want to research the game reports from 2006 qualifying as well as any I can get my hands on from other competitions. I'de also like first hand input from fans about their rosters. I want to make a spreasheet of everyone who has appeared and how many times, hopefully get some idea for the proper positions of each player and determine the most likely starting 11 with their most likely backups to assemble a 23-28 man team for every national team that is relatively accurate.

                      Following this: I want to work on creating the environment. Adboards listing what confederation the home team is from, where their home stadium is at and what it's called. If possible (though it isn't yet), i'de like to learn to create simple stadiums that could be used to represent the acual conditions of the home teams in each nation. If I cannot learn to make the stadiums from scratch I want to learn to edit the generic stadiums that fifa put in the game so that each one can be duplicated, modified with proper logos and text's to clue you in on where in the world then rename them and make it possible to select the home stadium for Grenada in a friendly match or tournament and be able to in some way believe you are there.

                      I realize this is a lot. And i'm basically working alone at the moment aside from the kits being made by all kitmakers for national teams.

                      The idea is to set the goals high and take baby steps to achieve them. And pray I can get some help somewhere along the way.

                      As well I'm confident that CM08 will be able to import CM07 files... making it possible to create your patches as a continual progression always improving and never repeating information.


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                        1. i think the best way is to build a brand new site for CEP where all patches (from all over the world) will be uploaded there.

                        2. "someone" there should be in charge in organizing all the patches into a "super patch" that can be downloaded every week/ month(?)

                        3. stick together team!
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                          [QUOTE=elhelmiey;2298787]1. i think the best way is to build a brand new site for CEP where all patches (from all over the world) will be uploaded there.

                          And why CEP? What about the editors that don't want to be associated with that horror? Think again.

                          There was a huge idea about making an online database a bit like a wikipedia that could generate fifa.db file updated every day, it was a great idea and a huge project but it was abandonned somewhere along the way because people were already criticizing before the first line of code was even written Think again.


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                            I certainly would like to distance myself from CEP... great concept, kudos for the work, but no dice with me. I've had too many issues with it.


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                              Originally posted by Tizmo View Post
                              One thing that just came into my mind is to assign a specific league to each kitmaker. That way, we could get more kits and not have many already-done kits.
                              well, i make the swedish kits....usually anyway..

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