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Creation Centre 2007 Released

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    So an official editor wont load and official update kinda sucks!!!


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      how about the cc will be working on UCL 2007?
      Dont make faces anymore...,,,,

      Fifa 07Faces Thread

      Fifa 08Faces Thread


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        Originally posted by nikehair View Post
        Doesn't seem to be working with Windows XP 64-bit.
        Dam it I wont bother downloading it then :boohoo:
        Go Australia & Scotland


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          a decent readme for this would be really good. the inbuilt boot centre isn't working for me, infact nothing on it is, i can never save....


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            Can someone help me. When i click on program i see this

            What to do?
            Same with Creation Master


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              Originally posted by McLareNas View Post
              What to do?
              Same with Creation Master
              Download and install the appropriate version of the .NET framework (which I'm fairly sure the CM documentation tells you even if CC doesn't)
              Cheers, Steve


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                So, thanks for this editor. Now can I at least edit some parts of FIFA 07 because CM07 isn't working for me and I actually don't know why .

                I have a problem with importing flags for a team. I have made a flagpack for NAC Breda, I have load the in CC, but when I playing the game I still see the default flags . The flags are 24-bit BMP, don't know if the file properties are supported by CC.


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                  Me Install New Creation Centre 2007 Released Send Me Error plz Help.
                  Error :

                  System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA 07data\gui\assets.big'.


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                    Hello, I have a problem with CC.
                    I can't change a player's position, and when I make a new player, I can't give a position to this player. When I try to change it in-game, the game crashes.

                    Can anyone help me with this?


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                      Excelent tool,U can fix all the crappy things about the game with this
                      Rey del Empate
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                        What exactly is Creation Centre? What can you change with it?


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                          how to add tournaments

                          how do you link tournaments to a league? I tried everything, but it won't work. Also I can't name the tournament. HELP!!!!!!!!
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                            I know that CC isn't as popular here as CM, but I'd still like some help with CC. (Can't get CM07 to run properly because of the "JIT debugging" error, so I'm not using it right now.)

                            I can create new teams and edit most aspects, but FIFA 07 doesn't seem to recognize when I import a kit. Example: I created a Seattle Sounders FC kit as a BMP file and imported it into CC; however, the game puts the players in a generic white kit no matter what. Teams created in CC don't show up in Kit Raptor, so that doesn't work either.

                            Any ideas?


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                              Originally posted by zulfaddhli View Post
                              This thing is a F***ing Editing Machine!
                              it also have a great interface too!
                              CM > CC my verdict!

                              CC is difficult to use and totally useless for me! But thanks to authors anyway


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                                i am not able to install it.getting the error -unable to carry out the installation process.


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