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    Enyone know how to do the "rabona" with a pad? i've got a rumblepad 2.
    have tryed for hours and still no "rabona"

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      Try pressing shoot+pass or cross+pass together.

      Originally posted by Abson
      ElgranPuto: Thanks for that 1-2 pass move instructions. I guess I need to work on it a bit, it seems the player who passes the ball off and then runs forward, won't run quick enough a 1-2 pass unless I hold the ball up for a bit? Another question, either for you or someone else that can answer it, I'm wondering how to fake a shot? I have mapped the shoot button to button 1 and lob to button 3, (like Winning Eleven), but can't seem to get it to work, everytime I press shoot twice and then the pass button to cancel, he kicks the ball anyway. I also tried it with L1 but without success, any ideas? Thanks!


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        Originally posted by caseira
        Try pressing shoot+pass or cross+pass together.
        + the direction you want to.

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          I tried both of these and couldn't get it to work, however I was able to get it work by pressing down the cross button, then quickly pressing the pass button to cancel the shot, but I was only able to get this to work sometimes, mostly when confronted by a player or the keeper, weird.


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            What you talk for me about this:



            I made this perfect drible..
            Sorry for my bad english!!

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              Nice move there BRuNiM_CS, mind sharing with us how you did that?


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                hmmm. i think it is (when running from Left to right) down down-right and then right, with the trick-stick...just a guess, i've done it twice or so..but forget to observe what it is i'm doing:P
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                  THIS IS SICKKKK!! Copy and paste


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                    Anyone care to explain what is the deal with the numeric keys during gameplay?



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                      Hmm how do u stop the ball when u recieve it? i tired of players running in one direction everytime u get the ball..

                      Edit nm found out that my old gamepad doesnt work correctly with fifa
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                        Any1 try a multiplayer match? I cant change my button . It's only works with single mode?


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                          So is it like you can only perform tricks or special moves with an opponent nearby?! I tried to do tricks in the free training but couldnīt manage to do any - although the right stick must work properly because I can do all kind of moves with the goalie on the line.

                          I am using a Logitech Rumblepad 2.

                          By the way with what kind of controller setting are most of you playing, classic or new?!
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                            Stepping over The Ball Trick Plese Help

                            I have a logitech dual action game pad in fifa 06 and fifa 2006 world cup, while sprinting with the ball, you could of held down the L7 button which allowed you to step over the ball and beat a player with ease.
                            In Fifa 07 that move is not working does anyone know what buttons you have to use to get that move now

                            Originally posted by VladoMontenegro
                            Well let me contribute first

                            If u hold the pass button longer, player will not pass the ball to the nearest player, but the player that is further if there is any in that direction. Just like in PES, which is good.

                            It is same for lob through pass. Try it when u are at your side or at the half and pick direcion and hold L1 + triangle. It will make it longer and if possible - to further player.

                            edit::: Make pass to a player and hold R2 and L2 button before receiving the pass. Player will let the ball pass beside him and then u can run for it.

                            U can do a fake shot or fake pass: hold shoot button and then press pass while holding the shot button. Hold long pass button and at the same time press the pass button.

                            Ill come back later.

                            (remember that if u already know some tricks, it doesnt mean that everyone knows it)


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                              Im not sure BUT I think stepovers with a control is double tap Forward on the right anolog. It works for me.


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                                Originally posted by frenkie
                                FIFA 07 C. Ronaldo Signature Dive
                                how to this Signature Dive ? and how to Rabona ?