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    Originally posted by barthez4
    I loved having De la Red on my team at San Jose. He was my captain.
    Nice, he's my captain too.


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      At my fourth year season at Lincoln City, i've been battling four years to get to the Premier League, first season was great, a 40-6-0, my team was this
      SUB:Bravo,O'grady,Perez,T. Rooney,J. Ruddy,Kerr,Hoseth,Song,Davenport,Flamini and another guy
      End of the Season
      At the beggining of the 2nd Season i sold Beltran,Song,Kerr,Flamini and Ruddy
      I buy J. S. Park,Kallstrom,Lescott and Koji Nakata
      I won the EFA, the FA Cup, the Carling Cup and of Course the FL One Cup, with a
      43-3-0,very easy but at the same time it served to unite my squad even more
      My Strating XI was:
      DF:Bridge,Nakata,Salcido and Lescott
      MD:Kallstrom,J.S. Park,Rothen and J. Cole
      SUB:T. Rooney,Bravo,Hoseth,Perez,Jihai,O'grady,Davenport, Morales and the other guy
      End of the 2nd Season
      At the thrid season i lost my first league match against Swansea City 2-0, i lend J.S. Park and another guy, and i receive a guy called Gallato from the Vitoria, i sold T. Rooney, and buy O'Shea,Parker,Kim (GK) and i search and returned Kerr to my squad.
      Great Season 39-5-1, i won again the EFA, FA, Carling, Communitty Shield and the Super EFA Cup.
      My Starting XI
      DF'Shea,Bridge,Salcido and Lescott
      MD:J. Cole,Rothen,Kallstrom and Parker
      FWelgado and Keane
      SUB:Bravo,O'grady,Kim,Kerr,Davenport,Morales,Jihai ,Hoseth,Perez,Nakata and Gallato
      End of the thrid season
      Finally i get it to the top, the premier league, after 3 years of work, injuries and more
      I'm in the middle of the season, 66 points, 6 more than Chelsea, Gallato returned to Vitoria,Park returned as well as the another guy, i sold Jihai and another guy and Kim in the midseason transfermarket, i lend Bravo and Park, i buy Ewerthon, Defoe,Carragher and a youngster from Morroco.
      Cole suffered an injury in October and he's still injured 'till March, Keane is also injured
      'till March, hard season with close mathches, last minute ties and big defense mistakes.
      Starting XI
      DF:Carragher,O'Shea,Salcido and Bridge
      MD:Morales,Kallstrom,Rothen and Perez
      FWelgado or Ewerthon and Defoe
      Kerr,Hoseth,O'grady,Nakata,Davenport,Lescott,Parke r,Cole (IN),Keane (IN) and guy from Morroco
      24th Feb. still in the top, lot of injuries, lot of mistakes, next year hope to be in Champions and for the 6th Year in going to Newcastle or PSG


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        I'm in my 7th season with Leeds now.. I play in the hardest difficulty and have turned them in to a 5 star team.. I've won everything there is to be won and my squad is full of really decent, younger players... I'm quite happy with the Leeds United i've built for myself

        And just to add a bit of authenticity to it all, i played around with the managers' head before i started and imported a picture of David Batty in there... I've got the whole 'Former club man returns to save us from the wilderness' thing going.. It's good fun..

        My current squad IS..

        -------------- P.Robinson
        F.Albeda - L.King - V.Kompany - D.Harding
        ---- S.Derry - X. Alonso - S.Pearson
        ---------- N.Reo-Coker (c)
        -------- A. Smith - O. Martins

        SUBS B.Hangeland, P.Jagielka, B.Schwiensteiger, F.Fabregas, D.Kuyt

        RESERVES Z.Berbatov, S.Carson, D.Bent, N.Hunt, G.Caldwell, P.Myner

        Albeda, Myner, & Berbatov are all 80+ FIFA generated players, and for some reason Derry and Harding have turned in to 90+ players...
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          In my first season with Fulham, after being sacked by Manchester United for funding reasons, the Cottagers took home the Premiership trophy and the Carling Cup.

          The first trophy of my Fulham career came in the Carling Cup, against the Reds of Liverpool. Both teams fielded decent enough sides, but injuries to Bocanegra, Rolfe, and Malbranque meant that not everyone would be celebrating or crying quite so hard at the end of the day. January signings Theo Walcot and Iker Reyes were on the bench, allowing the younger players who got Fulham to the final to play the match. Darren Ambrose was on the right wing while Denis Rothen played as the defensive midfielder. The last time these two met, Fulham won by a score of 5-0, but this match would be enthralling for both sets of supporters. The aging John Arne Riise was lucky to avoid giving away a penalty on a double handball from a corner kick, and more lucky to see a long drive on the opposite end of the pitch bounce off of a Fulham shin and direct into the net to put the Scousers up by one in the first half. In the second half, Rothen was assigned to man-mark Djibril Cisse, who caused many problems and hit the post twice in the first half. While Rothen did well in man-to-man situations, he was constantly outpaced off the ball, and in the 60th minute was replaced by Iker Reyes. The hard tackling Spaniard introduced himself to Steven Gerrard with a sublime tackle, and was able to pick up the ball and distribute to Claus Jensen. From there, Jensen dribbled past a defender and hit a curling effort from 18 yards. The ball seemed to hang in the air for hours until it struck the post! Fulham fans were in dismay until the ball bounced to Oliveira who calmly collected and nutmegged a defender with his shot into the net as an equalizer. From that moment, the 72nd minute, it was all Fulham. Darren Ambrose proved his worth with a brilliant run to beat two men before chipping gracefully over Pepe Reina to take the lead, and the substitute Iker Reyes hit a stoppate time free kick that clipped a Liverpool head and bounced in. 3-1 Fulham, and Fulham had their first trophy under my management.

          The Premiership was won on the last day of the season, in a gutsy 4-3 win over Tottenham Hotspur, one of the few teams to oust Fulham earlier in the season. Chelsea had the opportunity to reestablish their dominance by winning on the last day, but lost 2-1 to Everton at the Bridge, to end their season with 93 points. Starting the day with 91 points following a poor run of form in the home stretch, a win was a necessity to capture the title after topping the table for the majority of the season. It was the captain, Luis Boa Morte who shone brightly against Spurs, with two first half goals, one from a 30 yard free kick, and an excellent independent effort. The defensive anchor Iker Reyes hit a scorcher from some distance, and the young striker Oliveira showed his composure while shrugging off two defenders and slotting the ball in off the far post. Oliveira made his debut against Derby in September and introduced himself with 4 goals, but struggled to find consistency as a substitute. However, he found a starting role in the second half of the season. Eddie Rolfe, in February, was leading the league in scoring by a great margin, but was unlucky to suffer a broken collarbone against Rotherham in the FA Cup, after netting a brace. He was surpassed in the scoring department by teammate Steve Lovell, and by a few other players including Frank Lampard and Djibril Cisse. He finished 6th in scoring despite missing every match from mid-February on. Lovell won the Golden Boot with 47 goals, and Oliveira finished the campaign with an impressive 20.

          The final match of the season was the FA Cup Final, against Sheffield United. The Blades had a solid midfielder in Timo Buck, a highly regarded German who was the ideal replacement for Michael Ballack in the German squad. Despite Buck's best efforts, Sheffield could not halt the pressure of a Fulham side including, in his first game back from injury, Eddie Rolfe, and other new stars such as Theo Walcot and Iker Reyes. However, noone, not even Rolfe could beat Garry Paddy in net for the Blades, despite 16 good shots from 20 good chances. Paddy was again the hero in extra time, when he made the play of the game. Reyes dispatched a free kick on the edge of the box, and hit a hard ball with some swerve, seemingly labeled for a Fulham Domestic Treble, but somehow Paddy made the leap to the post and pushed it off the upright. All seemed worthless for him when it fell to Claus Jensen, but the midfielder stood in amazement as his shot at an empty net was pushed aside by a desperate and exhausted Paddy. A defender received the ball and went to clear it, but kicked it into the shin of Walcot, who flicked a backheel to Reyes who had another go. This time, it hit the arm of a defender. Penalty! It was Boa Morte, the skipper, who would take the kick. He hit a laser beam to the top right corner, and all seemed won for Fulham until Paddy made a late reaction dive and pushed it away! Time ran down and it went to penalties!

          Round || Sheffield--------Fulham

          Round 5: Timo Buck stepped up for the Blades, with the opportunity to give his underdog side the lead and the steps towards the FA Cup presentation shrine. One deep breath later, he was making his run up and hitting the ball - right down the center! In goal, Deinoff looked bemused as he dove to his right, watching the ball float into the middle of the net. GOAL!

          It was all on the 23 year old, Theo Walcot. Disbanded from the Arsenal side that paid an 8 digit number for his services so many years ago, Fulham snatched him up from free agency. Why Arsenal let him go for free, nobody knows, as he is now one of the league's top wingers. But history aside, he had one more kick left in this match to determine whether his name would be printed in fame or infamy. Three steps left, now two, now one, and BANG, Walcot hits the ball hard to his left. Paddy, who shone so brightly throughout the entire match, prolonged his form and dove low to his right, pushing the ball aside! Before anyone could analyze the situation at hand, the league winners and Carling Cup winners being upset by the Championship's Sheffield United, Paddy was celebrating with his teammates, and Timo Buck was jumping in jubilation. 11 heads were hung low just some meters away, and they were wearing the red of Fulham.

          However, the season in general was a success. I disbanded some of the extra players who had little future at the club, primarily two surplus strikers. I took a team that had no participation or aspirations of European competition and outlasted - albeit with some luck - a solid Chelsea side and a brilliant Manchester United side. I won another trophy, one that has significance for a club of Fulham's size, to prove that the league wasn't a one-off. I was unlucky to not win the most prestigious domestic cup in the world, thanks only to an unbeatable goalkeeper. Success is good.

          Let's go Korea!


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            guys can we see the group standings of the champions league in manager mode....i can only see the fixtures&results page??

            Flying high, up in the sky,
            We'll keep the blue flag flying high
            From Stamford Bridge to Wemb(er)ley
            We'll keep the blue flag flying high


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              Yes on the UEFA Group Stage Stats, it's in the stats options


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                just thought i might say...
                real betis is a good team that canwin itall with the right players (i am in my 4th season with my last one being champion and winning the uefa cup)

                i also recommend signign these players for any team at some time in your career:
                ricardo vaz te (bolton)
                tiago targino (guimaraes)
                cesc fabregas (arsenal)
                ricardo oliveira (betis)
                cicinho (sao paulo)
                joaquin, probably the best of the whole game (betis)


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                  Really, any team can win it. I'm currently playing with Treviso in Serie A, and I've done well so far, with my only defeat yet coming on the first match of the season. Since then, I've been pounding most teams, and I beat AC Milan and drew against Inter.

                  Let's go Korea!


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                    Dream Team From The Dreams Of The Dreams

                    Hello all.
                    i havent posted here in a long time (lot of work, studies and family stuff took away my time playing fifa 06).
                    i just built the most amazing dream team as i took barcelona and in one season only i made a million changes.
                    first thing was to find a strong sponsor.
                    first thing about transfers i did was to sell eto'o, messi and deco.
                    then, i bought kaka, adriano and tried to get ronaldo as well but real madrid were no willing to sell him, even for a crazy sum of 34.000 and 1003 week salaray.
                    after that i bought gennaro gattuso to play next to xabi.
                    the last transfer was thiery henry.
                    i sold some less important players as well.
                    now my team looks like this:

                    beletti---puyol---oleguer---van bronchorst

                    WHAT A CRAZY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    i never played such an amazing team in fifa.
                    first game after all these transfers was against...real madrid.
                    boom boom boom boom 4:0 at the end - twice adriano, one of henry and in the 90th minute gattuso scored one of his own, and it could be easy 8:0 if ronaldinho and kaka would be serios and not playing like they are in the beach.
                    what a dream team i have now...


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                      I was wondering, is it possible to have two careers with different names on an Xbox? I think it's impossible since I tried it on my old Gamecube version and it erased my whole career. Now, the team I chose (Guadalajara) is a team that only lets players from its nation (Mexico) play in real life, mainly to influence the rise of more Mexican players rather than depending on foreign players, no offense, I think a lot of foreign players are awesome and Mexico has a lot of them, but I want keep this team that same way in the game.

                      Thing is, they have another team in the US called Chivas USA, I know, it's a low rank team, but I was thinking, I'm in the 4th year of my career with Guadalajara, but I want to get Chivas USA and, since in real life has diverse players, make it the best team through transfers, loans, etc. Use the full capabilities of FIFA and enjoy it to the max. But I don't know, do you guys think it would erase my career, even under a different name? And what do you suggest, go with the Foreign-Acceptable Team lol >_<' or stay loyal to my team and only depend on players from Mexico?

                      I mean, in the end, both teams are from the same owner, except one allows foreign players and is in the US and the original one is in Mexico and is 100% Mexican based. ^_^'


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                        Originally posted by Asisoni
                        Good times in dortmund.
                        the team is at second place in the bundsliga, alberto gilardino and jose antonio reyes leads the league scorers.
                        in the champions league the team is leading the group with 10 points after 4 games.
                        the last game was at home against ajax. gilardino and reyes were on the bench, they had to get some rest.
                        nunez ( a talent my scout brought from brasil last year) and luca toni started and they didnt manage to score.
                        at the 72th minute it is ajax who scores and it was a big shock for all the supporters.
                        in that minute reyes and gilardino stood up from the bench and were about to get in the game to save the day.
                        luca toni goes out, and i play with 3 strikers.
                        at the 79th minute gilardino scores a great goal from 18 meters.
                        in the 86th minute the game is dicided with a great goal of reyes...
                        2-1 to dortmund and the team is through to the next stage in the champions league.
                        the teams regular 11 are :




                        carlos alberto


                        are you a commentator or do something like that coz ur posts are quite good


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                          7th Year now, many of my stars have already retired, there's no doubt that's they will be missed. Anyway after my 5 years at Lincoln, I moved to Plymouth Argyle, nice 2 years but I've to move on into the next level, so I took Chelsea as my new crew, a very old crew I've to say, Lampard is still active at 35, Gudjohnsen is also active even with his 37, and many other old folks are still on play, so I've to change the things around, I sold all the lower stats players and buy new ones, here's the list of my new crew:
                          GK: Cech
                          DF: Gallas, De Jong, Del Horno, Senderos and two youngters
                          MD: Lampard, Lee Holmes, Reo Cooker, Gallato, Essien, Wright-Phillips, Robben, Duff
                          FW: Aguirre, Costantin, Gudjohnsen
                          Beggining of the season, the things doesn't look right in the first match, Chelsea 0-2 Lincoln City, my old crew is making me look like very bad, but things would change in the second half, one goal of Costantin at 47, makes the things look better, 66 and penalty in favour, Lampard shoots and it's in the net, 77 penalty against, not a good new, but here's comes Robbie Keane, he shoots and Cech saves it, 88, two minutes left, all are waiting for the final blow, but Duff steals it, pass it to Robben, Robben makes a good pass to Aguirre, he makes the shot in the net, Chelsea wins 3-2 in the last minute, very hard to make it, but anyway they make it. The season continues and Chelsea is trying to stay at the top of the league, but Licoln City, Plymouth and Arsenal are very close to the blues, while the Red Devils are struggling at the league. Meanwhile at the Champions League, Chelsea is going thru the first round with no problems except for a draw against F.C. Basel and a close match against Porto, but things couldn't be better for the blues. So future looks clear and shinny for the rest of the season, but it really will be? We'll have to wait and see


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                            wow! exciting seasons! one question, how do u play with a big club like em and their salary is probably high so how do u play with em and not get sacked?! even if i win each gae 10 nil i get sacked coz im over budget!


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                              That's very simple
                              1)I choose Chelsea mainly cuz they ended 2nd in the prev. season, that way as I won with Plymouth the league and the English Cup, so that means that the Community Shield Match would be Chelsea vs. Plymouth, right? Win it and you will have a 25 000 Prize, that way I lose money but I have this back up money to stay without any problem.
                              2) High Morale Players are more easy to renovate their contracts, so choose one with the highest morale. Ex. Cech 99 Salary 584!, but that's not a problem as he's very happy with the team you can low his salary to let say 285, which is very low for a 99 GK, do that with the others with high morale and your loses after every match will be lower.
                              3)Don't have many players in your team, have 1 GK, 7-8 Defenders, 8 Midfield Players and 3-4 Forwards, cuz that's what you need, you don't need more players.
                              4)Buy stars youngsters, why? Cuz thie salary is lower from those older, example
                              Xavi is 85 and his salary is 385, while let say Holmes is 85 but his salary is 305, see the difference.
                              5)Improve the stadium, a bigger stadium means more money!
                              6) Sometimes is hard but if you're losing too much money, sell one player with high salary, is hard but It will save you from being sacked, or if you don't want to sell it, the give away in a season loan
                              7) The more cups you win, the more money you have, win as many cups as you can, in one season in England, if you're lucky you can win these cups: ECC, Premier League, English Cup, League Cup, Community Shield and the Super European Cup, total money you can receive from these cups, about 200.000, depending on the sponsor you choose.
                              And for extra info, I win only 385 per home match with Chelsea and I have losses of 1000 per away match, so as you see all you need is money to stay in the game


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                                My third season with Barcelona has started.
                                last season was the most amazing season ever.
                                head to head with real madrid on all titles!!!
                                our two big clubs met in the champions league final and we have won 1:0 from a goal of adriano after a one sided game expet 15 minutes in the second half when beckham shot one bomb to the post.

                                a few days later, our two big clubs meets three weeks before the league ends in tha bernabeu, while we both had both 92 points...we won 1:0 with a goal of henry.

                                a week later, and our two big clubs meets on the spanish cup final where we won 2:0 with goals of kaka and ronaldinho.

                                we got all three titles, winning real madrid on them all.
                                the next season started and we had the european super cup final against inter. a 3:1 win (kaka, gatusso, henry) gave us another title.
                                then we had the spanish super cup against...real madrid.
                                2:1 at the end, two goals of adriano.
                                all five titles to barcelona.

                                the current squad looks like this :






                                my current problem is moeny offcourse. right now at the start of the season, i have 77.000 on the budget. every away game i lose 3000 and every home game i lose 350. i am affraid i wont be able to finish this season.

                                any suggestions how to prevent this? (i allready have a team with less than 18 players and only one goalkeeper, and my stadium manager is on level 10)
                                so? what shall i do now?