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    Just a question do your sponsors get better after every season like with Real madrd and my sponsor is paying me like approximately 5000 for my salary will that go up next year?

    And just out ov curiousity whats everyones team chemistry mine is 86
    im on my 4th season
    with 93 attack 94 midfield and 90 defence


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      I have the same sponsor for three seasons now (T-MOBILE) and i have not seen any change in their offers.

      my team chemistry is now 77. attack is 94(gilardino is leading the league scorers easly with 26 goals and i am in week 19 now)
      midfield is 92(carlos alberto is an amazing player and very cheap to buy)
      defense is 89(weindfeler, metzelder and worms are the backbone of my team)


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        HAHAAh my team chem is now 93
        Attack 93 Robinho is stuck at 97 and wont reach 98 so pissing me off
        Midfield 94 Johanna which is just some kid my scout picked up is now 98 with another young star at 96
        And Defence 86 lost 2 of my 3 defenders due to retirement and now only have woodgate and two crappy defenders but everything is looking up becauz they keep getting better with every match that passes bt


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          my team chem is 99 after 5 seasons with man utd (i won everthing every year)


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            My team chem is now 99 i love my team except that the difficulty and that difficult anymore i dont know just finding Fifa abit to easy im finding it way more fun and enjoyable multiplayer


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              I don't know if it has happened to you, but as the years go by in the career mode a lot of the new players have the same name, for example as I was in my 8th year I searched in the transfer market for Faria Pimenta, and I found 9 pages with this name and that bothers me a lot, because the fun of the career mode of finding new players is lost, is there any way to change that?


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                Long time since i last played, due to university stuff...

                here is what happend since.

                what a tragic ending to the last season.

                i went all the way to final of CL, only to lose it to Lyon in penelties!
                what a shock it was to lose this game like that after leading 1:0 allmost through all the game.

                the german pokal was lost also in the semi-final to bayern. what a game it was...
                three times i was ahead, three times they came back to equalize and then in the 84th minute they scored 4:3 to win the game, go up to the final and win the cup.

                only one title was left for me and i did it.
                i took the championship finnaly. i took it with 7 points lead and the celebrations were great.

                this year i bought only one player. his name is Lucas far he is doing great.
                (i am first in the league, first in my CL group stage and still in the cup - the date is end of november. still lot to go on)


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                  thats awesome mate, i havn't even gotten my game yet (gettin it for christmas hopefully) but ur makin me wanna plaay so bad!


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                    i dont know if i want to tell how im doing in carrer mode cuz Asisoni make it look so exciting.. but anyway

                    I am in my second season with ManU i sold Van der Sar, Howard, Van nistelrooy, Scholes, Miller. I make a revolution in the club and start to buy younger players.
                    Diego Lopez from Real Madrid (GK)
                    A guy called Galindo from Mexico with skill 89 and 19 years old!! (GK)
                    Stillian Petrov from Celtic (MC)
                    Michael Ballack from B munich (well he is not too young but Munich want to sell him so i bought it)
                    Rafa Marquez from barcelona
                    and my new star striker Adebayor!!

                    So my regular 11 is

                    C Ronaldo-------JS Park


                    Rossi is progressing very well as Diego Lopez so i use to replace Rooney with Rossi at half times if the match is already solved. I like my bench and i think i have a very solid team with good reserves
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                      i don't understand why people stack their teams, what's the point off dominating all your matches with all star players, wouldn't it be more thrilling to win a one nil match with one star and 10 decent players


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                        Originally posted by UtdFootball
                        i don't understand why people stack their teams, what's the point off dominating all your matches with all star players
                        Because we can


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                          My squad after my 7th season..(3rd with Arsenal)
                          --------del Medo(89)-----------

                          i bought Baca (R for 9,000 ....85
                          after two seasons , he is a 93 and is only 22 years old!
                          then got Kerlon at 89 ... CAM
                          Black 19 years old... 85, after half a season he was a 90

                          -Arsenal already had Hleb and C.Ronaldo
                          i pretty much look for future stars...
                          i got this other player called Marchena...
                          he was 18 when i got him... with an 81
                          After a season and a half , he turned into a 90..
                          but still struggling to stay fit..

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                            C. Ronaldo is 76 on my game

                            and man u are midtable

                            looks like u guys love playing with the top teams

                            i prefer being the underdog
                            CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 08/09 in FIFA 09!!!



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                              Originally posted by Payukgcn
                              A guy called Galindo from Mexico with skill 89 and 19 years old!! (GK)
                              That's Oswaldo Sanchez's replacement at Chivas. You should've bought Memo Ochoa (he's only 69 as 19 year old but I increased his rating to 76...much more accurate)


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                                Originally posted by anders
                                are u really gonna continue posting everything that happenes in your game?? write a book next time...zzzzzzzzzzz

                                You got beat up a lot as a kid didn't you?

                                -Keep posting the stories mate. I love reading about other people's FIFA experience!