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Fifa99 with Windows XP

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      Originally posted by Guy View Post
      well, Ive looked for it in the dl center and found a 1.1 version. I installed it and still no good. I told EA about the proble, and they told me to change the compatability of the .exe file and STILL...
      Thing is, maybe the 1.1 is not the latest, its dated sometime 99, so maybe some nice feller here who has the right patch like this Clipper dude can help me by sending it to my email [email protected]?

      btw if it finally works I would love to play with whoever wants. Im very very good.

      well unfortunately you cannot play fifa99 online, only via modem to modem connection.

      The latest version of the patch is version 1.1, and I have just checked thro my e-mails, and I have hd reports of it niot working for some ppl.

      EA would tell u that it doesn't work, they have tol others that there's nothing they can do, then the patch has worked

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        Originally posted by Guy View Post
        Still it does not work for me.

        What do to??
        Anybody please???

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          It works fine in XP. Just set up 'Galahs Fifa 99 3D Patch'. And compatibility mod Windows 98.

          That's all.


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            G'day everyone,

            I've read pretty much everything on this forum on FIFA 99 & Windows XP. I'm running Win XP SP3 and can't seem to get the game to run. What I did was, I installed the game, applied EA patch - didn't work. I also tried what the above post had suggested - I installed the game, applied Gallah's 3D patch, switched to Win98 compatibility mode - the game still wouldn't run.

            Doubleclicking the icon keeps giving the same result - mouse arrow shows 'thinking' for 2-3 seconds, and that's about it. Nothing else.

            My knowledge and understanding in computers is relatively narrow. My computer is very basic and clean, just Windows and some small programs for music installed. The game CD is original, and is in pristine condition.

            Please guide me through this guys. Thanks for any feedback.


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              Help anyone ? The consensus here refers to the EA 3d patch, Galah's 3d patch, and to Windows 98 compatibility option. None seems to work for me, running WinXP SP3 (32 bit). If anyone can still play this game under similar conditions please advice me what to do.

              USM 98 still runs well for me, but a game from a company like E.A. with lots of reputation, that was out only 3 years before XP was out - doesn't. An absurd isn't it ...

              I've tried the Microsoft Compatibility Tool that I once used for my USM 98, but it doesn't seem to change anything in the way the game constantly behaves - it runs (in the background) for about 3 seconds and then shuts down.


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                Issue solved - I simply downloaded a cracked version which worked fine. With the addition of the full Data folder from the CD-ROM it also has all the features now (music, videos, etc.). The CD is original, so obviously the problem lies somewhere in the communication between Windows and the CD-ROM.

                It works fine however I still have a minor problem where the commentator never say the names of the teams (when starting a match) and players (when passing the ball to them, and when dribbling with them).

                Anyone knows how to solve that ? Thanks

                edit, I don't know if it's necessarily related to Windows XP, so I'll start a separate thread for it.
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                  Anybody please???


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