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  • fifa 2000 multyplayer

    Hey everybody.
    I'm running fifa 2000 on two windows xp computers, trying to play multiplayer game via the network, and it seems that even after I installed "nwlink ipx/spx/netbios compatible transport protocol" I'm not able to join computer to the host computer. Before I installed that protocol I wasnít able to press the network button in the game at all.
    I connected to the other computer via cross cable only. I didnít set any protocol parameters (like internal network number, though I tried to set it, or frame type). In addition I'm not sure about what i should set in the "machine name". I tried to set ip address, but i can't inserst dot's. Also i tried kind of variations to the "machien name" and I'm still not able to join one computer to another game the hosted by the other computer.

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    Can it be i should install 3rd party software, or should I disable some other network services in order to play?
    As quoted at the readme file of the game at section 8:

    8. Network
    Running the game on an IPX network with routers.

    In order for the game to function across a router, the router must have SAP enabled and it must not be filtering SAP type 2238. Also, the machine operating as the game server must not be running any other software which is an SAP service (TSRs under DOS, some file sharing, print sharing, or other servers under Windows 95/98).

    Has anyone played this game in multiplayer mode yet?


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      Has anyone ever played fifa 2000 multiplayer in windows xp? If so, then what are the settings required in order to create and join a game?


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        I have exactly the same problem (I run WinXP). The network button wouldn't even work until you install the IPX driver. Still, the game can't see any opponent on the network.
        What I was able to do though was to test the newly installed IPX protocol with other games and it worked.
        So my guess is that Fifa2k just doesn't like this particular protocol. Possible fixes I can see are:
        - use a serial cable between the 2 computers (skip network altogether);
        - install a different IPX protocol;
        - use a different (older) Windows version.

        I remember I used to play this on a network with a friend, can't remember what the Windows version was though. I have also successfully conecte 2 computers with a serial cable and played this game (long time ago). Not sure how I can find another IPX driver.

        Good luck,


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          Hi guys, I just made my FIFA 2000 work on Windows XP after years of being stored on a forgotten CD... now I need some human opponents; I'm tired of the same old AI tactics.

          Hit me up at gg_of_the_jungle - at - ya
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            Well since this topic got dredged up...

            Same deal as the OP. Two computers running XP with FIFA 2000. Installed that IPX driver after reading about it here, so now the Network option is available, but the computers still can't find each other.

            Has anyone worked out any ideas on how to play multiplayer between the computers since then?


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              has anyone gotten this to work? I can't make it work either, even between 2 computers connected at home.


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                serial cable

                Unfortunately, it seems that Fifa 2000 DOES NOT WORK on the Local Area Network. I tried playing on two computers ON THE SAME network, and it wouldn't work - it could not see the game from either computer (firewalls and anti-viruses off, computers could ping each other, Hamachi, etc)... I think the only way you can make sure it works, is by using a SERIAL CABLE connecting the two computers (haven't tried it), but only ANCIENT computers still have serial ports (like tzutzy1 suggested), so forget it

                Not to mention NO ONE plays this game anymore, which is really sad

                I only had the chance to play against two human opponents in 2001, and I demolished them because I was used to playing single player World-Class World Cups with Singapore (the weakest team) and still winning - sometimes I'd lose, of course, but I thought I was pretty good against the computer. I never liked any other Fifa game - maybe the Euro 2002 version.

                I'm happy to see that there are still people that are trying to make this game work. If you ever come to Chicago-land I'll make sure to find us 2 ancient computers, to connect it through a serial cable, and make this work.


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                  Fixed it

                  Hi, sorry to revive this old thread but I managed to fix the multiplayer issue with Fifa2000 using Solemn's IPX wrapper found below:

                  The wrapper converts IPX into TCP/IP/UDP on a LAN. Simply copy the wrapper files into the install folder of FIFA 2000 on both machines. Might need to run the configuration tool if your PC has more than 1 adapter and may have to import a registry file (supplied with the package).

                  I haven't tested it wih Hamachi but I can see that a combination of Hamachi/IPX wrapper could work so people could play over the internet.


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                    hey tzutzy,
                    1 did you use windows XP or 7?
                    2 did you get it to work on a LAN for 2 computers? what OS did the PCs have?
                    3 did you get it to work on the internet, like through hamachi or other VPN?


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                      After 7 years I got this to work. The IPX Wrapper was not the issue. The issue was my version of FIFA 2000 was bad (It had only 46 mb pre-install), so after I got this version, it freaking worked! Can't believe it.

                      I haven't tried it yet, but if anyone wants to play over the internet, hit me up, and I'll always be available to play this game, until I die

                      gg_of_the_jungle at ya(you know what email provider)