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Moddingway Squad File Has A Problem

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  • Moddingway Squad File Has A Problem

    I added a new player loan and then i started the manager mode and could see that the player was a loan. But the second time I changed the team to start the manager model, I found that the newly added players do not have a loan status. Do you know what the reason is it?

    And the Moddingway original file also exists this problem。for example,Zelalem 。

    I added some of the players after the loan to the file, in the manager mode, as time goes on. Some of the game default player loans also go away.
    for example,I started using Liverpool, and at first I found Zelalem's loan status gone. Then I played a few games. I found that my team Mamadou Sakho's loan status also disappeared. Mamadou Sakho began to enter the manager mode, I checked there is a loan state,

    I tried many times and checked the player loan list. Should be no problem.I can not find the reason。 I need help。
    This is my db file. Who can help me check? Because Rudy and Sule next season to join Bayern Munich. So I added them both to the player loan