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    Guys i wanted to ask if anyone know why goalkeeper kits in a lot of teams are just in 1 color(no sponsor on them and other things) only club Emblem
    Ex:Check goalkeeper kits in england league two(4) only porstmouth and stevenage have their sponsor on their gk kits and some other things other clubs gk kits only emblem on them
    Check Anderlecht(belgium) gk kit too only emblem on him(no sponsor) no nothing
    I wonder why Ea are not making gk kits like they are with sponsor and other things or its bug?
    Sorry for my bad english

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    Not a bug, it's just a choice on their side.
    Up to FIFA 16 it could be fixed with Revolution Mod (which allowed us to import custom kits over the default ones) but at the moment there's no solution for FIFA 17 unfortunately.

    What I don't like, also for teams having licensed GK kits, is that they only come in a single colour (e.g. Seattle Sounders have a black GK kit in FIFA, while Frei also played in a white one and in a lime yellow one this season).
    This means that when you play as Seattle against DC United, Seattle's keeper will clash against DC United's home kit for example.
    Originally posted by *aLe
    So, let's head to Saint Ouen once again (I wonder if I'll ever be able to see them in FIFA, it would be a nice team to play with).


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